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Things to Do In York

Love It!

Why We Love York

It rocks!
York has some truly brilliant nightlife and the hugely creative city has a formidable music and arts scene.

It's tasty.
The home of UK chocolate, defenders of the Yorkshire pudding, the city that launched a thousand pies...

It's cool.
This is a seriously trendy city, a love of music, good food, fashion, design, it's historic with an edgy mindset.

Move It!

How To Get Around York

York is a relatively small city and easy to get around on foot. There are good bus routes but you certainly see more when walking.

York is an eco-friendly city with an excellent network of cycle routes for you to get on your bike and see the city on two wheels.

Leave the car at home, the city isn't really built for heavy traffic so let the train take the strain and forget any parking fees.


Things To Do In York At Night

Eat, drink and be merry! It's exactly what this medieval town calls for and undoubtedly the best things to do in York at night revolve around good food, great drinks and excellent nightlife. When it comes to dining and drinking, York has impeccable taste with a plethora of excellent eateries catering for every taste. Independent cocktail bars and music venues add to the good times, in a city that knows how to have a good time and keep it classy.

To Do List

Things to Do In York

There are just so many things to do in York it's knowing where to begin to make the most of your time in this almost hypnotically charming city.

  • Chocolate - The city's most famous product, there is even a whole Chocolate Story dedicated to the world's favourite treat.
  • City Walk - There are 3.5km of ancient city walls to walk, whether to burn off those chocolate calories or just explore a bit of history.
  • Eat Cake - Feeling fitter? Good, get back to the good stuff with a delicious and elegant afternoon tea. Truly scrumptious!
  • Go Viking - The city's turbulent and often bloody Viking heritage is really well documented in the stunning and stinky Jorvik Viking Centre.
  • Yorkshire Puddings - Well we're not going to say no to these! Crisp, fluffy and filled with all kinds of taste sensations!
  • The Shambles - 'Britain's Most Picturesque Street', this ancient walkway is lined with some amazing shops. Well worth a gander.
  • Pub Life - York is famed for having more pubs than there are days in the year and so many of them are excellent so go on, try some.
  • Shopping - The city is packed with great shops, in particular gifts and sweet treats so you could get a couple of Xmas presents sorted early.
  • Hunt Treasure - One of the most fun and downright hilarious ways to see the city is a treasure hunt, an excellent York group activity.
  • River Cruise - There are organised tour cruises if you're more of a DIY fan you can grab a self-drive craft. Whatever floats your boat.


3 Weird York Facts

  • Guy Fawkes was born in York, his birthplace is now a pub.
  • A plaque in York Minster is dedicated to Jane Hudson who 'died of exhaustion', not surprising really, she'd given birth to 24 children!
  • Yorkshire has most ghost sightings than any other county.


Best Bits of York

Heslington - A village sitting within the city, this slightly gentrified area has a couple of top quality pubs.

City Centre - It's where you'll find the best of the action. Top of the shops by day, comedy clubs, live music bars and restaurants by night.

Latin Quarter - This is the area of medieval streets in the heart of Yorkshire where some of the smaller, quirkier venues can be found.

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