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Things To Do In Riga

Love It!

Why We Love Riga

It's bonkers!
Said with the greatest affection for a city we love, from the drinks to the people, it's wonderfully different!

It's tasty.
While the drinks can strip your tastes buds, there are some really good eateries for foodie fans to explore.

It's adventurous.
Riga is packed with totally unique, exhilarating and unforgettable activities you won't find anywhere else.

Move It!

How To Get Around Riga

Riga is cool, charming and compact making it easy to get around the city on foot and not miss any of the sights.

The public transport system includes buses, trams and trolleybuses making it a bit of an adventure in itself.

If you're using public transport grab an eTicket for unlimited transport getting to your Riga activities and adventures.


Things To Do In Riga At Night

If you're feeling adventurous then you should definitely sample some of the local spirits. The local firewater is fierce so it's best to approach with extreme caution. If you are a bit of a foodie then we can heartily recommend a Latvian feast where you can enjoy traditional Latvian dishes and delicacies. Alternatively, you could travel back in time to try a medieval meal served in a fantastic setting.

To Do List

Things to Do In Riga

As well as the huge range of quirky Riga activities there is plenty to see around the Latvian capital to create memories and feed your Instagram accounts.

  • Art Nouveau Museum - The city is home to over 80% of the world's art nouveau architecture, the style was very popular and an entire museum now holds heaps of treasures design fans will enjoy.
  • Vespa Treasure Hunt - They're the coolest bikes ever invented! Hop aboard and explore the city while competing in a thrilling treasure hunt.
  • Jurmala - Just a 30-minute train ride from Riga, Jurmala is 33km of stunning golden sand beaches. That's longer than Bondi Beach!
  • Black Balsam - It's the local liquor you've been warned about. It's an 'acquired taste' but definitely worth trying. Seriously strong stuff!
  • Retro Rally Tour - Not just any cars, these are the worst cars ever designed. Truly foul but brilliant fun to drive, one of the craziest, most fun things to do in Riga.
  • Free Walking Tours - Learn about the city and its history on one of the free tours that meet in front of St Petri Church at noon. While there is no fee it is customary to tip the guides (this is how they earn a living).
  • Target Shooting - Lock and load! You can really let rip and blow away any everyday worries with the help of some high-powered hardware!
  • Park Life - Riga has a number of really impressive public parks, ideal to relax, unwind and do, well, nothing. "Ahhhhh perfect!"
  • Bobsleigh - Yes, an actual bobsleigh run used by Olympic athletes. Fast-paced, crazy, an adrenalin-pumping Riga activity.
  • Spa Experience - Spa's tend to be a lot less costly than back home, meaning there's no better time to love yourself and give your dermis and body the love it deserves.


3 Weird Riga Facts

  • Latvia was occupied from 1201 - 1918 and again in 1940 before finally gaining independence in 1990.
  • Olly Murs has Latvian roots, his great grandparents were actually Latvian circus performers who moved to England after WWII.
  • Latvia has 12,000 rivers and 3,000 small lakes.


Best Bits of Riga

The Old Town - Home to the biggest and best bars and clubs, you'll also see much of the oldest architecture. Shopaholics will also find plenty to catch their eye.

Centrs - A funky, arty, hipster part of town, cool cafes and bearded baristas stroll the streets past independent stores and boutiques.

Vecriga - Lined with cobblestone the area has some great restaurants, cafes and bars making it a top choice for those big nights out. During the day you can explore the narrow streets again where there are a number of museums and galleries.

Kalnciema Quarter - A bohemian, hipster area of the city with outdoor markets, art exhibitions, movie nights, coffee shops and a number of great restaurants.

Agenskalns - Just across the river the area is a great place to take a wander and there are many traditional wooden buildings which are still lived in.

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