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Things To Do In Ibiza

Love It!

Why We Love Ibiza

It rocks!
Ibiza IS the greatest party island on the planet attracting the biggest DJs and huge crowds of party people.

It's stunning.
Ibiza is a really attractive island and a great place to go a bit Instagram crazy snapping amazing photos.

It's different.
Ibiza doesn't stick with convention: the markets, food, people, nightlife everything is a bit different.

Move It!

How To Get Around Ibiza

Covering 571km² Ibiza is a big Island to get around. There is a good island bus network but some routes can be a bit slow.

Car hire is best if travelling between towns. Alternatively, arrange transport, always agreeing prices before you travel.

No-ped. While Spanish roads are generally in good repair, there are a large number of tourist moped accidents every year.


Things to Do In Ibiza At Night

Ibiza's nightlife is world-famous but did you know it started with the sunsets? The first club started as a place for the hippy/party crowd of the '70s to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. The mellow tunes got louder and disco tunes turned into 80's dance and then exploded in the '90s and the superclub was born! But there are so many things to do in Ibiza at night apart from clubbing. Boat cruises and finding somewhere to watch some of the best sunsets on the planet are definitely on our most recommended list for Ibiza newbies.

To Do List

Things to Do In Ibiza

Looking for things to do in Ibiza to fill your big trip? You really are spoilt for choice as the island is packed full of surprises, here are a few of our top picks.

  • Hippy Market - The fantastic hippy markets arrived in the '60s and have been selling all kinds of artisan crafts and trinkets ever since.
  • Sunset - Before the clubs there were the sunsets and this small island has some of the best sunsets you'll ever see!
  • Eat - Ibiza is packed with amazing food, from market stalls and late-night eateries to fine dining and exclusive beach clubs.
  • Beach Club - Top DJs, ice-cold cocktails, daybeds, exclusive restaurants, it's a large piece of party paradise and you're invited!
  • Watersports - Kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skis, coasteering, naturally this hot island has a huge range of outstanding water activities.
  • Explore the Old Town - With the cobbled streets, cathedrals and a castle, it's the perfect antidote to the clubbing crowd and a relaxing day.
  • Snorkel/Scuba - The crystal clear, warm waters make this a perfect spot to get underwater and see the marine life.
  • Sunday Drummers - Originally a protest of the Gulf War, every Sunday a group of drummers gather near Cala Benerras and hit it.
  • Casita Verde - An amazing sustainable living project that is happy to share tips and advice with eco-minded people.
  • VIP Superclub - If you are going to hit the big clubs why queue? AdventureClick can arrange guestlist entry for your whole party.


3 Weird Ibiza Facts

  • The world's biggest superclub, Privilege in San Rafael, holds 11,000 people!
  • The peaks of Es Vedra has many weird myths including UFO sightings, strange lights in the water, being part of Atlantis, ultra magnetism, interferes with radar and sonar, was visited by Hercules and is the rock used to build both the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge.
  • With a population of less than 200,000 the islands receives over 2 million visitors every year!


Best Bits of Ibiza

Playa Den Bossa - Part of Ibiza's Old Town, this legendary area is home to the island's biggest nightlife and world-famous superclubs.

San Antonia - With its row of sunset bars (Sunset Strip) and huge bars and clubs, this is a shoutier, party harder area of the island and massive draw for Brits looking to see in the morning.

Cala Llonga - Much more family-friendly, the beach is perfect for kids and the lack of loud clubs and busy bars make it a more tranquil destination.


Es Canar - With a great buzz and plenty of shops, bars and cafes Es Canar is a great choice for those looking to stay busy during the day and entertained at night without hitting the huge clubs of Ibiza Town.

Santa Eulalia - The more upmarket neighbour, you won't find the bars and clubs of other resorts, instead, you'll find pricier hotels, exclusive restaurants, designer boutiques and art galleries.

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