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Things To Do in Harrogate

Love It!

Why We Love Harrogate

It's tasty.
With hugely celebrated tea rooms, great restaurants, Yorkshire tea and even its own gin. Harrogate's delicious!

It's pretty.
That might be too quaint a word, but it is a great looking town that's fun to explore, with lovely green spaces.

It's happy!
In fact, it's so happy it was voted the Happiest Place to Live in Britain three years in a row! Happy Harrogate!

Move It!

How To Get Around Harrogate

Harrogate isn't big but it is clever, everything in the town centre is really accessible and easy to navigate on foot.

In terms of Harrogate public transport, it's either the bus or 'nowt'. Grab a handy M-Travel card for unlimited journeys.

If you're not travelling by car, Harrogate does have a train station and coach station both situated in the town centre.


Things To Do In Harrogate in the evening

Harrogate has a great selection of bars, restaurants and clubs for the party people amongst you. But getting a large group into a restaurant at short notice can be hard work: "I know it's 8pm on a busy Saturday night, but have you got a table for 27 available..?" AdventureClick can remove all those worries, your table can be pre-booked and your meal pre-paid so all you need to do is roll up, sit down and tuck in!

To Do List

Things to Do In Harrogate

  • Turkish Baths - Luxuriate and relax in Harrogate's world-famous Turkish Baths. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it!
  • Nidderdale Museum - Travel back in time and get a glimpse of everyday Yorkshire life during the Victorian era.
  • Afternoon Tea - Harrogate is renowned for its afternoon teas, with dainty sandwiches, cakes, pastries and scones.
  • Tipsy Tea - How do you make Afternoon Tea even better? You add chilled and ever so slightly boozy cocktails, of course!
  • Brimham Rocks - Head out into the national park to see the natural rock structures with stunning views and idyllic walks.
  • Cuban Cocktails & Tapas - Learn how to shake up some delicious cocktails to enjoy with a range of authentic tapas dishes.
  • Cold Bath - No, not a chilly dip, Cold Bath Row is home to a fantastic selection of independent shops and boutiques.
  • Gin Tasting - Locally sourced and produced, Slingsby Gin is worth a trip to Yorkshire alone. So, when in Rome...
  • Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens - Stunning gardens to take a little time out, enjoy a stroll and stop to smell the roses.
  • Flower Show - If blooms are your thing there are two major flower shows each year held in Spring and Autumn.
  • On Ya Bike! - The surrounding countryside is a bit special and the perfect place to rent a bike and go explore.


3 Weird Harrogate Facts

  • Charles Dickens said of Harrogate: "Harrogate is the queerest place with the strangest people in it, leading the oddest lives of dancing, newspaper reading and dining."
  • Harrogate was voted the happiest place to live in Britain three years in a row.
  • Agatha Christie once vanished for 11 days sparking a nationwide manhunt including 1,000 police officers. She turned up safe and well in a hotel in Harrogate.


Best Bits of Harrogate

Montpellier Quarter - Overlooking Prospect Gardens, this trendy part of town is home to ornate buildings housing art galleries, boutiques, antique shops, cafes and restaurants.

Duchy - A rather swanky part of Harrogate with grand Victorian houses and a small selection of cafes and amenities.

Cold Bath Row - Renowned for its independent shops and boutiques, it's the funky part of town where all the cool kids love to work and hang out.

Bilton - Perfect for cyclists with a good cycle path that runs out to the spectacular Nidd Gorg. A nice place to go and view.

- On the outskirts of Harrogate with a selection of shops and service and direct routes into the town centre.

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