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Things To Do In Hamburg

Love It!

Why We Love Hamburg

It's wild!
Hamburg has a crazy reputation as a city that has its own rules. It's also so much more than just the Reeperbahn.

The Beatles.
Hamburg is the city that formed the fab four: "I didn't grow up in Liverpool, I grew up in Hamburg" - John Lennon.

It's Adventurous.
The city has some of the best activities you'll find anywhere in Europe and if you're ready for fun, this is the place!

Move It!

How To Get Around Hamburg

Hamburg has an exceptionally good network of trains, buses, ferries and a metro that runs with brilliant German efficiency.

Grab a HamburgCard which will give you unlimited use of the city's public transport throughout the duration of your stay.

Hop on a public bike. Available from docking stations across the city, they're good for you and the environment. Win/win!


Things To Do In Hamburg At Night

When you think of things to do in Hamburg at night then the Reeperbahn is definitely the leather-clad, whip waving elephant in the room. The city has been partly built on the red-light districts infamy, but it's actually quite a cool and funky place to hang out with great bars and good restaurants. It also has some unbelievable sights and outrageous souvenir shops. Away from the 'Bahn', there are some superb bars, incredible clubs and world-class restaurants.

To Do List

Things to Do In Hamburg

  • Beatles Tour - Take a self-guided tour of sights where the fab four honed their skill and wrote their earliest songs.
  • Hamburg Zoo - One of Europe's premier zoos with a huge variety of animals - a key player in world-wide conservation programs.
  • Dialogue in the Dark - A series of venues where once blindfolded, visitors experience what life is like for blind people. A fascinating and surprisingly eye-opening experience.
  • Hamburger Dom - Three times a year, swathes of the city are transformed into a giant funfair with rides, games, bars, live music and street food.
  • Target Shooting - It's the ultimate stress relief, letting rip with some serious firepower with a range of weapons to find your group's Top Gun.
  • Chocolate Factory - No, it's not just a factory tour, it's a fascinating, tasty, rich, creamy chocolate factory tour where you get to sample and even make your own chocs!
  • Currywurst - Germany's No.1 snack, don't be soft and try it in a restaurant! Follow the locals, the best currywurst is served by the late-night street vendors.
  • Beer Tasting - Germany's most famous and celebrated export, you can see exactly how it's made, learn your tips for home brewing and sample the very best beers.
  • Bierkeller - There is no other night out quite like this. Loud, raucous singing and quite simply brilliant fun!
  • Urban Golf - Sports fans, golfers or just those most competitive among you will love this funky urban version of the traditional walkie-sportie and one of our favourite activities in Hamburg.


3 Weird Hamburg Facts

  • One of the world's biggest ports, 8% of Hamburg is covered by water.
  • Hamburgers weren't invented in Hamburg. In fact, the city's most popular snack is actually a type of hotdog.
  • Planten un Blomen park has giant water-light concerts which draw crowds of thousands every year.


Best Bits of Hamburg

HafenCity - The waterside quarter has undergone a massive regeneration and is now full of great bars, cafes and restaurants.

Nikolaifleet - Dubbed the city's 'prettiest hotel' it's an impressive sight and the canals are actually a cool place to check out.

St Pauli - Home to the Reeperbahn, St Pauli is a neon-lit-graffiti-daubed-riotous-area of the city and one of the best nights out you'll ever have!

Sternschanze - This punk enclave still bristles with important messages and good intentions, although the squatters are long gone, the hipsters, café bars and students have moved in.

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