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Things To Do In Exeter

Love It!

Why We Love Exeter

It's tasty.
Gourmet burgers, rustic bites, independent pubs and cafes, Exeter is packed with great eats and treats.

It's funky!
Yes, there's loads of history, but the university city is also really trendy with a love of design and upcycling.

It's lively.
Thanks to the students and being the largest city in the area, Exeter attracts a party crowd.

Move It!

How To Get Around Exeter

Exeter city centre is nicely compact meaning the best, easiest and greenest way to get about is by foot.

If you do want to go further afield then there is a good bus network while train links run to London Paddington.

Exeter doesn't have a public bike hire scheme (yet!), but bike rentals are available within the city centre.


Things To Do In Exeter In The Evening

Thanks mostly to the large number of students (who have been known to enjoy the odd beverage), this is a really vibrant party city with plenty of live music and comedy if you're looking for things to do in Exeter in the evening. Art centres, underground (literally) venues, summer festivals, theatres and comedy joints all add to the variety. If you prefer to keep things simple there are great bars, clubs and restaurants to suit every taste, whether that's cheese on the plate or the dancefloor! If you get hungry, you can hit Exeter's Street Food Night Market where you'll find flavours from around the world.

To Do List

Things to Do In Exeter

There's definitely no shortage of things to do in Exeter, whether it's food and drink or epic challenges, you can dive right in!

  • Go Underground - Tour the creepy medieval vaulted passages and listen to tales of ghosts, escape routes and more...
  • Cake Break - Nothing soothes the soul or brings a smile quite like a bit of cake, so why not go the whole hog...? Link
  • Visit the Quay - Pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques, this is a great setting for a bit of retail therapy.
  • Royal Albert Museum - Housing over 1 million artefacts, from paintings to specimens, it often holds regular exhibitions.
  • Drink Local - With Exeter's thirst, it's not surprising the area has some top quality independent breweries to explore.
  • Bill Douglas Cinema Museum - If you're a big movie buff then this is a must-see with over 50,000 cinematic collectables.
  • Festivals - Whether it's food and music or music and food, Exeter has a number of great events throughout the year.


3 Weird Exeter Facts

  • JK Rowling and Chris Martin both come from Exeter.
  • The city has its own brewery, gin company and winery. We'll drink to that!
  • Exeter is where the last woman was tried and executed for witchcraft.


Best Bits of Exeter

City Centre - As you would expect, you'll find the biggest clubs, bars, restaurants and plenty of shops.

St Leonards - A short walk from the city centre, this rather grand neighbourhood does have some nice cafes and impressive houses.

Topsham - Within walking distance of the water with a good selection of bars and restaurants, this is a nice area to stay and explore from.

Dawlish - 12 miles from Exeter, this stunning seaside town is really worth a visit, plus the seafood is top class!

St Thomas - Close to the city centre, you'll find a number of artisan bakeries, cafes and restaurants.

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