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Things To Do In Dublin

Love It!

Why We Love Dublin

It rocks!
There's nowhere else on the planet that knows how to enjoy itself quite like Dublin. The city was born to party!

It's tasty.
From the 'Irish fry' to street food to Michelin starred restaurants, Dublin is a treasure trove of flavours for foodies.

It's a bit bonkers.
It really is. The humour, the activities, the crazy dancing with stiff arms and leaping feet.

Move It!

How To Get Around Dublin

Are you a lean, green pedalling machine? You can stay fit and keep the planet healthy by switching to pedal power with DublinBikes.

Trains, trams, buses and public bikes, Dublin has a really good public transport network. Make the most of it with a Leap Visitor Card.

The city centre itself is relatively small, you can Riverdance your way around the city quite happily while exploring the best nightlife.


Things To Do In Dublin At Night

Dublin's nightlife is celebrated the world over! All those Irish bars in far-flung destinations? They're after just a drop of the city's best pub craic. And, to be fair, most of the best things to do in Dublin at night revolve around the incredible pub culture. Live music, comedy nights, ceilidhs, gastro pubs, curious games and challenges, they can all be found in and around Temple Bar. But beware of the tourist pubs. Prices can differ quite drastically by finding the places the locals like to drink, it's also where you'll find the best nights and music.

To Do List

Things to Do In Dublin

The city is so full of life, laughter and history there's no end of brilliant things to do in Dublin. Here are just a few of our faves.

  • Guinness Tour - One of the No.1 tourist attractions, go behind the scenes of Ireland's most celebrated export and see how the magic happens.
  • Whiskey Tasting - If the 'liffey water' isn't your thing then sample some of the finest whiskeys and learn how it's made.
  • Temple Bar - The very heart of Dublin's nightlife with some of the oldest and most famous pubs. Sooner or later everyone who is anyone comes to Temple Bar.
  • Drink in Church - No, not that kind of church. Church is actually a converted cathedral that is now one of the funkiest bars/nightclubs ever!
  • Shop - Dublin has amazing taste. It's really trendy and the boutiques and indie stores in and around Grafton Street are a shopper's paradise.
  • Eat! - It's not just the shops that are tasty. The food scene has everything from street grub to Michelin starred fine dining to get your teeth into.
  • Segway Games - Segway polo, water battles, segway races, this really is the most bonkers fun you can have on two wheels. Perfect for competitive friends.
  • Dublin Flea Market - Uber cool Dublin is a really happy hunting ground for fans of retro furniture and clothes and the flea market is a great place to check out.
  • Irish Whisky Museum - An entire museum dedicated to the old uisce beatha (water of life). Possibly the best-tasting museum in the world!
  • National Museum of Ireland - History buffs can gain a real understanding of Ireland and how the country has been shaped over the centuries.


3 Weird Dublin Facts

  • Glasnevin cemetery was fitted with watchtowers to protect the 'residents' from body snatchers.
  • Feeling thirsty? Dublin's Guinness brewery produces 10 million pints of the black stuff a day!
  • Lord Ardilaun had a bandstand built in Stephen's Green just so the music would annoy his brother who lived just across the street.


Best Bits of Dublin

Temple Bar - The most famous party street in the most famous party city in the world! Packed with bars and live music, however, prices can be a bit on the 'tourist' side.

Christchurch - Sitting in the shadow of two cathedrals, Christchurch has a great selection of more 'grown-up' bars and restaurants.

Phibsborough - Uber trendy Phibsborough is a mix of Victorian pubs, vintage shops, and café culture. It's the go-to hipster hangout for trendy locals.

Drumcondra - With a number of city's best sights and plenty of Dublin activities, there's also a good smattering of bars and watering houses because "When in Dublin..."

Ringsend - It's where the cool kids hang out. Google's offices are located here, there's also a recording studio where the likes of U2 have recorded some of their legendary hits.

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