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Bubble Football

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Things To Do In Cheltenham

Love It!

Why We Love Cheltenham

It's stunning.
There's no point denying it. This area of the Cotswolds is stunning and Cheltenham itself is wonderfully sophisticated.

It's elegant.
It's totally different from many other UK towns and cities and has its own special charm and qualities to explore.

It's unpredictable.
You might think you have it worked out but Cheltenhem has all kinds of surprises waiting for you.

Move It!

How To Get Around Cheltenham

Cheltenham certainly isn't big. You can explore the whole town centre easily on foot and have time to stop for a coffee.

The main form of public transport is by bus, with routes crisscrossing throughout the town. Weekend tickets are available.

You can stretch your legs aboard and OYBike, Cheltenham's public bike hire scheme, available at sites across the city.


Things To Do In Cheltenham At Night

Eat, drink and be merry! Being in an area of outstanding natural beauty and rich farming country, it's no wonder so many great eateries are on offer and things to do in Cheltenham at night. Every palate and foodie fancy is catered for, from specialist vegetarian and vegan to committed meat-eaters. If cocktails are your favourite poison then you'll be spoilt for chase with a great selection of bars, clubs and cafes.

To Do List

Things to Do In Cheltenham

  • Regency Cycle Trail - Get off road and keep fit on the Regency Trail which is specially designed to take you past some of Cheltenham's best sites.
  • Afternoon Tea - It's just so very Cheltenham! Delicate, sophisticated, tasty, you can enjoy the finest cream tea with AdventureClick.
  • Dance! - Yeah, baby! Shake what yo momma gave ya and learn a professionally choreographed routine in your own fun private class.
  • The Promenade - A serene and calm set of gardens in the centre of Cheltenham and one of the town's most popular sights.
  • Shop - Enjoy a spot of retail therapy, Cheltenham is a touch spoilt with a fantastic selection of high street names and independent boutiques.
  • The Wilson - Housing a significant museum collection, this fantastic space holds three galleries and regularly hosts events and exhibitions.
  • Pittville Park - 33-hectares of manicured gardens and lawns, the park is Grade II listed and has separate areas to discover and explore.
  • The Cotswolds - Head out of town and explore the surrounding idyllic villages. Even the biggest country cynic will be impressed by its timeless beauty.
  • The Devil's Chimney - We're not sure how the chimney was created but the curious sight is worth a trip as the views from the top are spectacular!


3 Weird Cheltenham Facts

  • Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Alice Liddell who author Lewis Carroll met in Cheltenham and invented the story of Alice falling down a rabbit hole while on a boat ride with Alice and her sisters.
  • In nearby Bourton-on-the-Water an annual football match takes place... in the river!?! At least it can't get rained off.
  • Cheltenham became famous because of pigeons. In 1716 locals spotted them gathering around a spring and pecking at salt deposits leading to the creation of the spa and spa town.

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