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Things To Do In Budapest

Love It!

Why We Love Budapest

It's old.
No, properly old, even older than your nan's nan. The city is steeped in wonderful history, myths and odd legends.

It's quirky.
Seriously different in an unexpectedly cool way. Nights out like you've never experienced, it's brilliantly different.

It's extreme.
The food, the drinks and definitely some of the activities, the city throws up some real extremes to enjoy.

Move It!

How To Get Around Budapest

Budapest's public transport is superb. There are trams, trolleys, buses, trains and an underground system to get you out and about.

Go green and get healthy by doing your sightseeing on a public bike which can be picked up at docking stations throughout the city.

If you're heading to Budapest, grab a TravelCard which will give you unlimited citywide transport for the duration of your visit.


Things To Do In Budapest At Night

Budapest is bonkers! We mean that in the most affectionate way. But it's also a class act. The restaurants are top quality, the clubs are buzzing and the drinks are lethal. Seriously, if ever there was a time to take it slow, it's with the Boozapest! Restaurants tend to get busy around 9pm so get in a bit earlier to get seated. Book any cabs through your hotel and agree a price before getting in. The best of the action can be found in District VII. This is where you'll find the famous 'ruin bars', great old bars literally built into the ruins and cellars of the medieval city. They're quirky and brilliant with a mostly alfresco lifestyle (weather permitting).

To Do List

Things to Do In Budapest

As well as the huge and excellent range of Budapest activities, if you're still looking for more things to do in Budapest then here are our favourite things to see and do.

  • River Cruise - One of the best ways to really see the city and get an understanding of its history and magnificence. One of our top picks.
  • The Baths - The city is founded on its natural springs with a number of superb spa baths. They also have spa party nights with top tunes and a great atmosphere.
  • Heroes Square - A celebration of the city's past and salute to its many heroes, one of the city's most visited tourist spots.
  • Margaret Island - Outside the city, this amazing area is packed with things to see and do. Grab a camera and go do some exploring.
  • Target Shooting - Without question one of the best activities in Budapest, you can really let rip with your itchy trigger fingers on some serious hardware!
  • Promenade - The stretch along the river is a stunning place to enjoy a walk, get some fresh air, grab a drink and see the hauntingly poignant shoes sculpture.
  • Trabant Rally - Hit the roads in a hilarious adventure in what are possibly the worst cars ever made! LINK
  • Esceri Flea Market - Soooo much to see. You will definitely come back with something cool and totally original for your home which you could pick up for pennies.
  • Ruin Bars - THE place to experience the best of the city's nightlife. Grungy, quirky, cool and the place where all the city's party people flock to.
  • House Of Terror Museum - Situated in the former headquarters of the secret police, this fascinating museum lifts the lid on the fear and brutality unleashed under the communist regime.
  • Memento Park - If you love photography or getting the best Instagram snaps, Memento Park is amazing, packed with giant statues left behind after the fall of communism.


3 Weird Budapest Facts

  • The city partly takes its name from Buda, the brother of Attila the Hun.
  • As well as hot spas there's a series of thermal caves which are awesome!
  • The number 96 is hugely significant and superstitious in Hungary and no buildings in Budapest are allowed to exceed 96m in height.


Best Bits of Budapest

Castle District (District I) - With its quaint cobblestone streets and castle (obvs) it's a great place to explore by day and photograph at night.

Terézváros (District VI) - Hive of busy bars and restaurants this arty area has a trendy feel and exciting lively atmosphere.

Jewish Quarter (district VII) - The area has some great cultural sites and stunning architecture, however, it's the nightlife that is the biggest draw with the famous ruin bars.

Józsefváros (District VIII) - Packed with trendy, independent shops, bars and cafes this has become one of the city's most vibrant and affluent areas in recent years.

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