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Things To Do In Bratislava

Love It!

Why We Love Bratislava

It's wild.
No, we don't mean there are lions or bears, it has the wildest activities with incredible challenges.

It's wallet-friendly.
Both the people and the budget are very friendly. You can pack a lot into just a few days.

It's bonkers!
This is not your average weekend destination. It's properly bonkers in the best possible way!

Move It!

How To Get Around Bratislava

The Old Town is completely pedestrian-only so you won't be stuck trying to squeeze everyone into expensive cabs and you can see the sights.

The city does have a public bike system you can pay online then pick up and drop off at docking stations across the city. Healthy and green!

Top Tip - Don't fly there! Fly to Vienna instead, it's cheaper and there are more flights, the bus to Bratislava takes 45mins and costs €5.


Things To Do In Bratislava At Night

It's when the city really does come into its element and there are some great things to do in Bratislava at night. Enjoy a medieval feast, chill out at an ice bar or catch a game of the national obsession: ice hockey. Foodies will have plenty to sample with some really unusual local cuisine to dive into. There are also some absolutely lethal drinks! Don't so we didn't warn you.

To Do List

Things to Do In Bratislava

If you're still looking for options to fill your weekend with the best activities in Bratislava, here our top picks:

  • Old Town - Quaint, charming, a little bit bonkers, the Old Town is well worth a visit with its small cobbled streets, shops and eateries.
  • Michael's Gate - Another great site to take in during your trip which gives you a real sense of the history of this amazing destination.
  • Target Shooting - Time to let rip and get competitive with your fingers on the triggers of some serious firepower!
  • Statues - Rubberneck the lucky statue of the workman in the hole. It's said to bring luck, however, dogs wee on the statue so not sure how lucky it is!?!
  • Whitewater Rafting - Wave goodbye to your boring 9 - 5 working week and say hello to one of the most thrilling team challenges on the planet!
  • Foot Golf - Two of the world's most popular sports come together in this amazing hybrid, all the fun of football mixed with the precision of golf. LINK
  • Botanical Garden - Take five to clear any tender party heads or merely enjoy a walk and these stunning urban gardens.
  • Shopping - With a shopping mall and smaller arcades, markets and indie stores, there is something to suit every taste.
  • Snowboarding - Time to hit the slopes and try yourselves at one of the newest and most popular Winter Olympic sports.
  • Eating - Go native and try the local dishes or grab a snack and local treat during the day, lots of tasty treats to choose from!


3 Weird Bratislava Facts

  • Slovakia has over 6,000 caves and 1,300 natural springs.
  • Bratislava likes a drink, Slovakia has one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world.
  • The oldest artefact made by man found in Slovakia dates back nearly 23,000 years!


Best Bits of Bratislava

Stare Mesto (Old Town) - The historic and extremely picturesque part of the city, during the day you'll find charming shops and cool cafes, at night it's where the best of the bars and clubs are located.

Devin - Away from the city centre and overlooking the Danube River, Devin is a very scenic area with its own castle and perhaps more notably a wine cellar offering locally produced wines.

Ruzinov - Close to Bratislava Airport, Rzunov is home to the city's largest shopping centre with big European brand names on offer. There's also a giant food market selling a great choice of local produce and local delicacies.

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