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Things to do in Berlin

Love It!

Why We Love Berlin

It parties!
Berlin is one of Europe's premier party cities. The German capital is packed with cool venues, activities and adventures.

It's tasty.
Berliners like their food, and lots of it, making it a great destination for foodies. There are so many new tastes to experience.

It's crazy!
The city has just the right amount of madness to make it a thrilling place to explore and create fantastic memories.

Move It!

How To Get Around Berlin

Berlin has a Metro (underground trains) system which is impressively clean and punctual. It's also easy and affordable.

If you want to stay green and keep fit you can hop on a Public Bike. The city has two public bike schemes in place.

Buy a WelcomeCard before you travel which gives you access to trains, buses, trams and metro throughout your stay.


Things To Do In Berlin At Night

If you can't do it in Berlin, you can't do it! There are so many things to do in Berlin at night to suit every type of trip. You can sample the finest German beers or get Bavarian and join in the fun at a Bierkeller. Foodies really can go wild, the city has every type of cuisine on offer but we'd recommend going native and enjoying the city's favourite such as currywurst. Berlin is also very keen on live entertainment with a large number of venues hosting live bands, cabaret shows or comedy nights (German comedy is... ahem, different.)

To Do List

Things to Do In Berlin

  • Allied Museum - Give Checkpoint Charlie a miss, the original guardhouse is at the Allied Museum which gives a fascinating insight into the cold war era. And it's free!
  • Brandenburg Gate - Like the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Newcastle Greggs, you can't go to Berlin and not see the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Tiergarten - A quite simply spectacular park in the centre of the city. A wonderful place to enjoy some fresh air and take a step back from the pace of Berlin.
  • Bernauer Strasses Wall Memorial - A brilliant open air-museum dedicated to the Berlin Wall and the shadow it cast on the city.
  • Beer Tasting - Beer is the country's greatest export. They even have beer purity laws and a whole host of micro-breweries to sample.
  • Food Market - An absolute must for foodies. Berlin's markets are packed with so many new and unusual treats, many of which you can sample.
  • Hot Rods - The funkiest way to travel ever! These funky little cars are a great way to do some sightseeing while being a sight to be seen yourselves. So much fun!
  • Target Shooting - Let rip with some serious firepower. The best stress relief ever and a fun way to find the group's Top Gun.
  • Schwarzenberg Street Art Gallery - It's like street art and dat innit, bruv. It's free an' funky an' everyt'in'. Like for realz.
  • Currywurst - It's Berlin's no.1 snack but DO NOT order it in a restaurant. The best currywurst is served by the street vendors who serve the locals.
  • Beware of Bike Lanes - Germans love rules and not walking in bike lanes is one. Most cyclists won't slow down for you, it's their right of way.


3 Weird Berlin Facts

  • Berlin has 180 museums. That's more than it has rainy days each year.
  • The city is nine times the size of Paris (but still smaller than London).
  • Approximately 50,000 party people hit Berlin's club's every weekend.


Best Bits of Berlin

Mitte - "The Middle" is the tourist centre of the city. It's where the most important stuff and best sites are to be found. It's also clean, well lit and vibrant.

Friedrichshain- Berlin's original punk culture started in Berlin. Today it retains some of that edgy energy with alternative bars and cafes plus a fantastic market, selling everything from great street food to antiques.

Wedding - Yes, an area with a funny name (unless you're a hen weekend), Wedding is where Berlin's new art scene is springing up and is a great place to go explore before the tourists get there.

Kreuzberg - The centre of Berlin's hipster scene, funky coffee shops, indie bakeries, late-night bars along with creative boutiques and designers.

Graefekiez - The centre of the city's start-up tech businesses, in fact, it's so techie many of the cafes in the area accept bitcoins.

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