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Things To Do In Bath

Love It!

Why We Love Bath

It's funky!
Forget the historic stuff, Bath is actually a really trendy and vibrant city with some of the best nightlife in the South West.

It's tasty.
Whether it's cafes or cocktails, Bath buns or bistro burgers or champagne or cider, Bath is renowned for its fine taste.

It's home.
AdventureClick are based right here in the heart of the city so have expert knowledge of the best things to do in Bath.

Move It!

How To Get Around Bath

Bath is a really compact city and so easy to navigate on foot. You can walk from one side of the city centre to the other and your carryout coffee will still be warm.

There are public bikes dotted around the city which you can jump on, explore and drop off at another docking station to get to your Bath Activities.

Don't. That might sound drastic but you really don't need to get about, find a spot to sit, grab a bite and watch the best of Bath from your vantage point.


Things To Do In Bath At Night

The greatest party city in the South West, there is just so much to do in Bath at night. Top clubs, superb restaurants, great bars, whether you want close up magic, gin cocktails, Cuban flavours, it's all waiting for you. But it's hard work trying to squeeze large groups into restaurants or clubs so don't leave it until the last minute. Or better yet, AdventureClick can do the hard work and planning for you.

To Do List

Things to Do In Bath

If you're wondering what to do in Bath, wonder no more. Here's our locals' guide to the best fun and frolics to be had in the heart of Somerset.

  • Royal Crescent - Bath's most famous address, this stunning row of houses is almost the most photographed.
  • Bath Bun - Yes, the city has its own pastry and it's gooood. These soft, fruity buns are perfect with South West clotted cream.
  • Eat Cake - Weeeell, if a job's worth doing... Bath has some absolutely fantastic tea shops and coffee houses. Read more...
  • American Museum - Bath's biggest museum is surprisingly packed with American culture, artefacts and art.
  • Sally Lunn's - Perhaps the most famous of the aforementioned tea shops. When it comes to cakes it's go big or go home!
  • Bath Spa - The reportedly restorative powers for the waters put Bath on the map. The clue is in the name.
  • Sip Cider - "Tha's a proper drop, tha'..." as they say in these parts and perfect refreshment after any Bath Activities.
  • Vicki Park - Royal Victoria Park is 57 acres of pristine gardens, ideal if you're in need of wide-open spaces.
  • Retail Therapy - Bath is a shopper's paradise with designer boutiques, vintage stores, big brands all situated together.


3 Weird Bath Facts

  • Bath Uni has produced some of the country's biggest sports stars and Olympians.
  • Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage & Mary Berry have all lived in Bath.
  • The famous thermae spa is situated on a roof overlooking the city.


Best Bits of Bath

City Centre - Where you'll find the best shops and nightlife as well as many traces of the city' long history.

Bathwick - Outside the city centre, the area offers stunning views over the River Avon and wetlands.

Kingsmead - Home to some of the city's oldest houses and great takeaways if you're in a hurry.

Weston - A pretty area away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

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