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Things To Do In Amsterdam

Love It!

Why We Love Amsterdam

It's quirky.
All kinds of different, Amsterdam is definitely not like other major cities and that's what makes it so great.

It's awesome.
Amsterdam is just cool. The coffee shops, the people, the fashion, the venues: the city just has it going on.

It's hilarious.
If you want a destination where you're likely to be laughing all weekend, Amsterdam would be it!

Move It!

How To Get Around Amsterdam

A city famed for its bikes, Amsterdam doesn't have a public bike scheme, but they are easy to rent in the city.

The city has more canals than Venice and there are various ways to get out and about on the waterways.

While the city centre is small enough to cross on foot, look out for the bikes, buses, trams and cars. It's lethal!


Things To Do In Amsterdam At Night

It's perhaps the nightlife and certain areas of town that have given Amsterdam such a colossal party reputation. And the nightlife really is excellent: great bars, top clubs, there are also a lot of good live music and comedy venues (with English speaking performers). But one of the top things to do in Amsterdam at night would be eating. The city has a great food culture and eclectic mix of styles and cuisines for you to sink your teeth into.

To Do List

Things to Do In Amsterdam

If you're wondering what to do in Amsterdam, then wonder no more. Here's our locals' guide to the best fun to be had in the heart of Holland.

  • Anne Frank House - Holland's most famous house and an incredible time capsule commemorating a remarkable life.
  • Heineken Experience - Go behind the scenes of the country's most celebrated and successful export. Cheers!
  • House of Bols - If cocktails are more your thing, you can spend an hour immersed in all things cocktails and spirits.
  • Canal Cruise - A brilliant way to see the city. We have a number of options including food and entertainment.
  • Red Light Tour - Laugh your way around Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District with a friendly tour guide leading the way.
  • The Nine Streets - A fantastic area packed full of independent shops, boutiques, vintage stores, cafes, bars and more.
  • Eating - Amsterdam is a foodie dream! They have such a massive variety of influences and everything from street food to Michelin restaurants.
  • Tulip Gardens - Wake up and smell the tulips. Head out of the city and explore one of the stunning tulip farms.
  • Pedalo Treasure Hunt - A hilarious and competitive way to see the city as you ride pedalos, solve clues and laugh... lots!
  • Science Museum - It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but the Nemo Science Museum is a brilliant interactive museum for all ages.


3 Weird Amsterdam Facts

  • Amsterdam has more bikes than people and roughly 10,000 are hauled out of the canals every year (bikes, not people)!
  • Amsterdam has some, ahem, 'unusual' museums including the Sex Museum and Museum of Prostitution.
  • A purple or blue light in the Red Light District means the seller might not exactly be all woman.


Best Bits of Amsterdam

NSDM Wharf - A former boatyard, the area has now been taken over by funky cafe, bars and restaurants all overlooking the water.

Foodhallen - If you love grub this is a must: a selection of street food and artisan eateries all under one roof where you can sample all kinds of tasty delights.

De Negen Straatjes - Nine streets packed with small indie shops, cafes, vintage stores and bars.

The Red Light District (De Wallen) - Infamous, fascinating and just a little bit weird, it is actually the city's oldest neighbourhood and so much more than just the sex trade a must for any Amsterdam tourist.

Oud West - Funky bars, cool restaurants, concept venues and quirky eateries a great place to check out at the start of an evening.

The Jewish Quarter - A fascinating area of the city with a number of excellent museums and exhibitions dedicated to the city's Jewish population and nazi occupation.

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