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7 Unique Food and Drink Experiences 7 Unique Food and Drink Experiences
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7 Unique Food and Drink Experiences

Having an adventure doesn't mean you have to jump out of a plane or scale a sheer cliff face to experience something awesome.

Adventures vary from adrenaline-pumping to super chill. Whether that's extreme sports or crafty workshops, water activities or pampering sessions, motor racing or art classes, or anything in between!

And here at AdventureClick, we're massive foodies and partial to the odd cocktail (or three), so we're heading off on a culinary adventure in search of the best drinking and dining experiences in the UK.

Join us… it's about to get real tasty!

1. Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab

"Yeah cocktails, yeah science!" It's time for Heisenberg to take a back seat as you and your squad hit up the famous RV and start breaking bad for yourselves as you knock up some stunning molecular cocktails! Naturally, you'll have to drink the evidence before the DEA get on your case.

We're Talking:

  • Expert mixologists
  • Hazmat suits & goggles
  • Three delicious cocktails

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2. Champagne Punt Tour

Ah punting: relaxing, idyllic, incredibly enjoyable. How could you possibly make it any better? Oh yeah, add champagne! Adding champagne to pretty much anything improves it ten-fold (OK, maybe not tea… or porridge… or soup… but you get the idea!). Blankets, cushions, your closest mates, a glass of fizz and the world drifting idly by. Bliss!

We're Talking:

  • Champagne punting
  • A pro punter
  • Kick back & enjoy!

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3. Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Wine is mighty fine on its own, but when you throw chocolate into the mix, incredible things happen. Meet your wine and chocolate connoisseur (what a job!), learn the complementing combos, and treat your taste buds to an incredibly indulgent and downright delicious experience.

We're Talking:

  • Vino & choco connoisseur
  • Two-hour tasting session
  • Fun quiz to finish

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4. Cuban Cocktail Masterclass

A nice refreshing mojito will do just fine, thank you! Who doesn't love a tasty mojito or any other rum-based cocktail for that matter? This Cuban-themed cocktail masterclass brings the cha-cha-cha as you get creative shaking up two creative cocktails before tucking into a platter of quesadillas and nachos!

We're Talking:

  • Cuban cocktails
  • Hilarious games
  • Delicious bites

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5. High Tea Gin Tasting

Afternoon tea elevated to new levels of incredible. Yes, we've combined two of our most delicious activities for the ultimate in indulgence as you learn about a range of gins and botanicals whilst tucking into some afternoon tea and cupcakes.

We're Talking:

  • Gin expert
  • Infusing session
  • Afternoon tea & cupcakes

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6. Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Time to step through the looking glass and surround yourselves in a world of teapot-sized cocktails at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. You'll be met by an expert mixologist and a welcome glass of bubbly before you mix (and drink!) some teapot cocktails.

We're Talking:

  • Glass of bubbly
  • Teapot cocktails
  • Expert mixologist

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7. Potions Masterclass

Step into the wizarding world and bubble up some potions like the magical folk you were born to be! Under the watchful eye of your very own Potions Master, you'll concoct some truly enchanting cocktails in this Harry Potter/alcohol mash-up.

We're Talking:

  • Potions Master
  • Mix, make, bubble, shake
  • Magical props & ingredients

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