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12 Outdoor Adventures to Get You Out in the Elements 12 Outdoor Adventures to Get You Out in the Elements
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12 Outdoor Adventures to Get You Out in the Elements

After a year of being cooped up in our houses, it's time to get out and about and conquer Mother Nature once again as you pit yourself against one of our heart-pumping outdoor adventures.

Yep, you've had enough Netflix and scrolling through Facebook to last a lifetime, it's time to get back out there and show the world what you're made of.

What are you waiting for? Let's GO!

Assault Course

The courses vary depending on the destination, but you're guaranteed one thing: a colossal outdoor adventure!

Will you have enough to defeat the course and, more importantly, the people you're competing with? We think it's about time you found out.

Let's Go - Assault Course!


Would you be able to survive if someone picked you up and plonked you in the middle of the wilderness? Or has your fluffy dressing gown and comfy slippers made you forget your primal instincts?

Head back to the wild for a Bushcraft experience where you will learn all the tricks and skills you need to survive off the grid.

Let's Go - Bushcraft!


Get set for a half-day/full-day of swimming, climbing, scrambling and tombstoning as you set off on a wet and wild outdoor adventure.

Don your helmets, wetsuits and life jackets, and see if you can overcome these monumental obstacles!

Let's Go - Canyoning!

Castaway Survivors

Whilst you may not think you'll ever get washed up on a desert island, you'll be kicking yourself if it happens and you missed out on the opportunity to learn the skills to survive!

Don't be that person. Learn the tricks and get prepared!

Let's Go - Castaway Survivors!


Similar to canyoning, you'll be heading to (you guessed it) the coast, where you'll spend a half-day or full-day taking on the elements with some swimming, climbing and even a spot of cliff jumping.

If you're a bit of a thrill-seeker looking to get their adrenaline fix, you need look no further.

Let's Go - Coasteering!

Deep Sea Fishing

Venture out into the big blue to try and land a colossal catch in this awesome Deep Sea Fishing adventure everyone should try.

You'll be provided with all the gear, plus an experienced instructor who'll help you land your haul.

Let's Go - Deep Sea Fishing!

High Ropes

Traverse a giant aerial obstacle course as you head up to the treetops to tackle this awesome challenge.

Hugely entertaining from start to finish, it's a great way to release your inner kidult.

Let's Go - High Ropes!

Raft Building

Make a splash on your outdoor adventure (or preferably don't) as you construct your own raft before you take to the water to find out whether you will sink or swim.

Are you confident you could stay afloat? Let's find out, shall we!

Let's Go - Raft Building!

Quad Biking

Head off-road and take on some tough terrain as you kick your quads into gear and leave your pals in your wake.

These formidable beasts pack a punch and will get hair and pulses raising.

Let's Go - Quad Bikes!

Situational Survival

Build shelters, hurl axes, take selfies with giraffes - exactly what you'd expect to be doing if your hot air balloon crash-landed in the middle of the English countryside.

You'll even get to build a fire and toast marshmallows over it because marshmallows are everywhere when you're stranded out in the sticks (obviously!).

Let's Go - Situational Survival!

Ultimate Zip Wire

Fly down a hillside at approximately "Waaaaaaahhhhh!" miles per hour as you take on Europe's longest zip wire.

1-mile long, you'll hit speeds of up to 100 mph as the adrenaline courses through your veins!

Let's Go - Ultimate Zip Wire!

White Water Rafting

It's time to hit the rapids and see if you can complete some pretty gnarly courses as you embark on a thrilling white-water adventure.

Will you be able to conquer the course, or will you find yourselves stuck up s*** creek without a paddle?

Let's Go - White Water Rafting!

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