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10 Creative Craft Ideas for Adults 10 Creative Craft Ideas for Adults
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10 Creative Craft Ideas for Adults

It's time to get your craft on as you channel your creative talents and unleash them in one of our fantastic masterclasses.

From Bunting Making to Pottery Painting, plus everything in between, you might just unearth a new hobby or, if you really take to it, you might even find a new career!

Bunting Making

Bunting brightens up any room and it's an absolute breeze to make once you learn a few tips and tricks from one of our fabulous experts.

All the materials will be provided, so you just need to bring yourselves and your natural bunting making ability, and you're good to go!

Find your Bunting Making activity now!

Fascinator Making

A fascinating session where you and your squad will learn how to craft this sensational headpiece perfect for weddings, formal events, afternoon tea or even a day at the races.

Using various materials, colours, beads, feathers and veils, you'll create a stunning accessory to make your party outfit pop.

Find your Fascinator Making activity now!

Festival Glitter Workshop

Festival-goers rejoice! This sublime workshop gives you the opportunity to learn how to produce your own glittery festival look yourselves ready for your next weekend away.

Glamorous, stylish and certifiably cool, it's a wonderful way to get yourselves looking fabulous.

Find your Festival Glitter Workshop activity now!

Flower Crown Workshop

Make yourself the crown you've always known you deserve as you weave together a range of fresh or faux flowers to create your stunning headdress.

You'll have a huge selection of blooms at your disposal, so you can make one to suit your style.

Find your Flower Crown Workshop activity now!

Garter Making

Sexy, seductive and stylish, garters are a great little addition to your wardrobe and an immersive craft activity that is guaranteed to induce the giggles.

With ribbons, lace, bows and buttons (plus a whole lot more), you'll be able to create your own racy fashion accessory with ease.

Find your Garter Making activity now!

Jewellery Making

Whether you choose to make yourself a gorgeous pair of earrings, a glamorous bracelet or a stunning necklace, you'll end up leaving the session with a wonderful keepsake you'll treasure forever.

Using glass, ceramics and semi-precious stones, you can make something truly personal and beautifully unique.

Find your Jewellery Making activity now!

Lingerie Making

Ever wanted to put your fashion design skills to the test? Well, now you can as you have a go at making some stunning lingerie.

With a choice of ribbons, lace and beads, you can style some suitably glitzy smalls in this fabulously fun masterclass.

Find your Lingerie Making activity now!

Nipple Tassel Workshop

Raunchy, fun and quite frankly hilarious, this awesome Nipple Tassel Workshop is an amusing way to get your craft on.

Swarovski crystals, lace, sequins and tassels, you'll have so much to work with to make your sublime creations.

Find your Nipple Tassel Workshop activity now!

Perfume Making

Every A-lister seemingly has their own scent, so it's about time you had your own as well.

Create your own signature fragrance by infusing a choice of 18 exquisite blends to make the ultimate perfume tailored to your tastes.

Find your Perfume Making activity now!

Pottery Workshop

Get in shape for a pottery throwdown as you mould your own mugs, bowls or plates under the watchful guidance of an expert instructor.

Yep, you can finally bin that Sports Direct mug and have a proper vessel for your morning brew.

Find your Pottery Workshop activity now!

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