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10 Alternative Things to Do with Friends 10 Alternative Things to Do with Friends
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10 Alternative Things to Do with Friends

Roundhouse kick boredom straight in the face as you and your mates step outside your comfort zones to do something memorable!

Fun, thrilling, and a tiny bit mad, we've cherry-picked 10 of the best alternative things to do with friends, so you can really begin to crank up the hilarity.

1. Archery Tag

This fast-paced, chaotic and certifiably badass activity lets you channel your inner Legolas as you divide into teams and go arrow-to-arrow in a hilarious battle to the finish.

What You Get:

  • Bow and Arrows
  • Archery Refs
  • Facemasks
  • Pure Anarchy

Book Now: Archery Tag

 2. Axe Throwing

Think darts but bigger, better and more exhilarating. Step up to the axe oche and launch these sharp choppers at the big wooden targets and see who comes out victorious.

What You Get

  • Big, Shiny Axes
  • Big Old Targets
  • Expert Axe Slinger
  • Hilarious Axe-Throwing Action

Book Now: Axe Throwing

3. Binocular Football

Put your silky footy skills to the test as you don your binoculars and attempt to curl one in the top corner whilst your vision is all over the place. At least you'll now have a reason for having a shocker - what's your excuse normally?!

What You Get

  • Pitch Hire
  • Binocular Goggles
  • Referee/Instructor
  • Sloppy Footy On Show

Book Now: Binocular Football

4. Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab

A deliciously boozy experience themed around the greatest TV show of the 21st century (don't @ us!). Hop aboard the famous RV and get 'cooking'!

What You Get

  • Awesome Cocktails
  • Suit & Goggles
  • 2/4 Hour Sessions
  • RV Cocktail Joint

Book Now: Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab

5. Escape Game

Escape Rooms have well and truly boomed in popularity, but it's still amazing how many people are yet to try one out! Have you done one yet or are you too scared you won't be able to escape?!

What You Get

  • 1 Awesome Room
  • Tasks, Puzzles and More
  • 1-Hour to Escape
  • Otherwise, It's Game Over!

Book Now: Escape Game

6. Foot Darts

The ultimate hybrid of two awesome sports (with possibly fewer beer bellies on show), foot darts is exactly what it says on the tin. Have you got the skills to get a balls-eye… get it?!

What You Get

  • A Massive Dartboard
  • Footballs
  • Referee
  • Hilarious Foot Dart Action

Book Now: Foot Darts

7. Inflatable Games

Total Wipeout UK-style! Go head-to-head over a range of hilarious Inflatable Games in a frantic afternoon of fun and frenzied entertainment.

What You Get

  • A Range of Inflatable Challenges
  • Instructor
  • Giant Obstacles
  • One Winner!

Book Now: Inflatable Games

8. Off-Road Karts

Do you have what it takes to tame these ferocious, high-powered karts and eat up the tough off-road terrain laid out in front of you? There's only one way to find out!

What You Get

  • Suped-Up Karts
  • Helmets, Harnass, Roll Cage
  • Practice Laps
  • A Need for Speed

Book Now: Off-Road Karts

9. White Water Rafting

Get the adrenaline pumping and those hearts thumping as you take to the water for a hair-raising whitewater rafting session. Can you conquer the rapids and conquer the course?!

What You Get

  • Safety Gear
  • Safety Briefing
  • Grade 1-4 Rapids
  • One Thrilling Experience

Book Now: White Water Rafting

10. Zombie Survival Training

We all know the zombie apocalypse is right around the corner, and you lot are going to well and truly kick yourselves if you're not prepared. Don't be that guy.

What You Get

  • 4 Undead Activities
  • Zombie Killing Tips
  • Expert Instructor
  • A Chance to One-Up Your Mates

Book Now: Zombie Survival Training

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