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Sailing Yacht Charter - 4 hours

Barcelona, Spain From £92pp

Motor Yacht Charter - 4 Hours

Barcelona, Spain From £92pp

Motor Yacht Charter - 2 Hours

Barcelona, Spain From £48pp

Yacht Charter (2 hours)

Tenerife, Spain From £686 for the group

Yacht Charter (3 hours)

Tenerife, Spain From £858 for the group

Yacht Charter

Valencia, Spain From £743 for the group

What's the plan...

  • Turn up
  • Sit back
  • And chill out
  • Your captain will do all the hard work
  • While you work on your tan
  • Enjoy the stunning scenery drift past
  • Or take a dip in the bright blue ocean
  • A real taste of the A-List lifestyle
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Set sail for an unforgettable adventure as you're welcomed aboard your very own Private Yacht Charter for a day enjoying the A-lister lifestyle. This really is a taste of something different, the kind of day you'll remember for years to come: your own boat, close friends, crystal clear waters, stunning coastline, sunbathing, relaxing, partying… Life doesn't get much better than this!

Yes, you'll have exclusive use of your own yacht for either a half or full-day, and your captain will welcome you aboard, give you a quick safety talk and then you'll set off leaving the land and crowds behind as you cruise the gorgeous coastal waters living it up in style.

While your skipper is in charge and responsible for getting you all back to port safely, you can decide some of the route, when you fancy a swim break, and just how big or how little you want to party. If you fancy just bathing in the sunshine, a glass of something fizzy in hand, soaking up the sights, then you can do just that. If you want to crank the tunes and throw some shapes, then crank them and get the party started!

This is once-in-a-lifetime stuff (unless you finally get discovered as that hidden pop sensation you know deep down you are), and something you'll remember for years to come. So live the life of a Hollywood star and head out to sea in the most stylish way possible.

From Ibiza to Lisbon, Split to Valencia some of the most impressive coastlines in Europe we have a range of stunning locations where you can hire your own exclusive Yacht Charter and live the high life.

Why wait? The sooner you book, the longer you'll have to look forward to this amazing experience. Don't hesitate, book today!

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