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Wrestling School

Dusseldorf, Germany From £57pp

What's the plan...

  • Choose your wrestling name
  • And meet your trainer
  • Who will be an ex/current wrestler
  • Learn the ‘moves' and ‘strikes' used by the pros
  • Before you get in the ring for a friend-on-friend practise bout
  • Depending on your group size, you’ll finish with a big tag team match
  • And larger groups will face a ‘Royal Rumble'
  • Let’s see who's the King of the Ring!
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Let’s get ready to rumblleeeee! Yes, you may have felt like Andre the Giant or Bret the Hitman Hart as you pinned your siblings down in a headlock back in the day, but now it's time to pick on someone your own size as you and your squad enter the Wrestling School for a fighting masterclass like no other!

It’s time to leave those days of the dressing gown mock fights and wet-look mullets behind you (presumably you already have…) and crank things up a notch. As you probably know, wrestling is one of the toughest sports in the world. It requires nerve, agility, tactical wit, immense strength, determination and very tight outfits. In this awesome wrestling school, you'll learn ring craft from seasoned fighters and experience the training all your heroes will have undergone when learning their skills.

Classes may include the following:

  • Wrestling Warm-Up - Squats, wall climbs, grape crushers and more.
  • Top Rope Free Fall - Learn how to fall from the top rope, land safely, and hopefully flatten your opponent.
  • Bumping - You'll be shown how to 'break fall' and hit the mat uninjured.
  • Slams & Suplex - As well as learning these classic moves, depending on ability level, you'll be allowed to perform these on each other!
  • Strikes - Instructors will show you strikes from running forearms, clotheslines and dropkicks.
  • Rumble - Mini Royal Rumble to try out all your new moves. Time to lay the smackdown!

Keep your wits about you and learn real wrestling techniques to survive in the final bout against your foes. This session will give you the skills you need to become a true tough guy that people don't want to mess with! If you think you're hard enough, head to wrestling school and prove that you're the King of the Ring!

Please note: Duration is dependant on group size and larger groups can expect a longer session. Please see an approximate guide below:

  • 8-15 people - 2-hour session
  • 16-25 people - 2.5-hour session
  • 26-49 people - 3+ hour session
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