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White Water Rafting

Dusseldorf, Germany From £38pp

White Water Rafting

Edinburgh From £39pp

White Water Rafting

Krakow, Poland From £59pp

White Water Rafting

Llangollen From £50pp

White Water Rafting

Munich, Germany From £54pp


Split, Croatia (Hrvatska) From £65pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet the friendly instructors
  • Get the gear on
  • Before a speedy safety briefing and coaching session
  • Time to hit the rapids
  • Fly down the challenging torrents as you attempt to conquer the course
  • Then head to the pub for a well-earned beverage!
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Life can occasionally get pretty dull. Sometimes you just have those weeks where the most exciting thing that happens to you is getting an unusually large crisp in your packet of cheese and onion (yawn!).

Well, it's time to break the monotony, raise those pulses and get the adrenaline-pumping. White Water Rafting is a white-knuckle thrill fest which will help you add a hefty dose of excitement into your week.

Wet and wild chaos from start to finish, you and your team of adventurers will do battle against Mother Nature one frantic oar stroke at a time. On arrival, you'll get kitted out in all the gear before you get a quick safety briefing and tips from your expert instructor.

And, as we all know, the best way to learn is by doing, so you'll then hit the water and attempt to conquer the rapids. Depending on the time of year and location, you'll either take on natural or specialised manmade courses varying from grade 1-4 rapids (grade 1 being easy and grade 4 being advanced).

You'll begin with a nice relaxing paddle on an idyllic stretch of river to ease you in before you fire down the rapids, making big splashes at a backside-clenching rate of knots.

Whilst being a fantastic heart-racing activity, it's not for the faint-hearted and can be physically exhausting, so please bear this in mind before you decide to book or who you invite (it might not be for everyone!).

However, ladies and gents, there's no feeling quite like conquering your first set of rapids, so suit up and have at it. C'mon, try it for yourselves. Book today!

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