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Whiskey Tour

Cork, Ireland From £23pp

Whiskey Tour

Dublin, Ireland From £19pp

Whiskey Tour and Full Tasting

Dublin, Ireland From £46pp

Jameson Distillery Whiskey Tour

Dublin, Ireland From £30pp

Whisky Tour (Silver)

Edinburgh From £25pp

Whisky Tour

Glasgow From £19pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your whiskey tasting expert
  • Is there a better job on Earth?
  • Discover how these fine whiskies are produced
  • As you go behind the scenes of the manufacturing process
  • Before you sample some fine firewater
  • And pick your favourite!
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If you can't get enough of ‘the water of life', then this fascinating whiskey tour is the perfect chance to gain a greater understanding of this classic spirit and sample some mighty fine varieties in a fun and immersive session. Sounds pretty neat, hey?!

Step into the golden world of whiskey and gain an understanding of how it's made as you meet your expert and discover the journey these tiny drams make from grain to barrel to glass.

Alongside looking effortlessly cool in the hands of Jon Hamm, Mila Kunis, Cillian Murphy and Will Ferrell ("Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down. Down into my belly."), it's also a fantastically diverse drink that comes in many variations with a fascinating history going back a long time.

Behind the scenes of the distillery, the wonderful facts will flow and turn you into a whiskey pro. If you're in Ireland or Scotland, you definitely shouldn't pass the opportunity to take a distillery tour as these countries are home to the ‘mountain dew' and produce some of the finest tasting whiskey in the world.

If all this talk about whiskey has got you thirsty, you can rest assured that you'll get the chance to sample some exquisite bourbons. Whether you've been a long-time whiskey drinker or you don't know your Jim Beams from your Jack Daniels, this is the perfect time to educate your palate.

You'll discover the enormous amount of skill that goes into producing such a variety of exquisite flavours. And next time you're buying a bottle, you will know what to look for and truly appreciate the taste when you sit down and enjoy a glass. If you want to be well informed and well-watered, then this Whiskey Tour is sure to get you in the spirit. Book today!

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