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Turbo 10 Cricket

Prague, Czech Republic From £35pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your umpire and learn the rules
  • Play in teams of six with shorter overs
  • Batsman can't be ‘out', so no sitting on the sidelines!
  • All players must bowl
  • The umpire will keep the scores
  • And announce the winners
  • Will you be celebrating in style...
  • Or crying into your pints?
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Forget what you think you know about regular cricket – we’ve gone and turbocharged this awesome sport for maximum hilarity! Yes, forget five-day internationals and Twenty20 (ain’t nobody got time for that!), it’s time to crank up the cricketing action and increase the chaos in this fast-paced upgrade on one of the nation’s favourite games.

With six people per team, the game takes place on a smaller pitch for bigger thrills and spills. It's also played with softer balls, so you don't have to worry about rock solid cricket ball hitting you from point-blank range. Yes, it's almost friendly, or at least it would be if you and your friends weren't so competitive!

On the day, you'll meet your umpire who will go through the rules of the game. Cricket novices need not worry, during your innings batsmen have unlimited lives, so you won't be left sitting on the sidelines if you fluff a few pea-rollers. Additionally, each player MUST take it in turn to bowl, so no trying to shirk your go even if you have the coordination of a drunk toddler!

Each innings has ‘turbo overs' where points are worth double and throughout the game all ‘sixes’ are worth ten points. Another twist (just to keep you on your toes), is that the batting team are required to retire after twenty points to keep the battling order fresh. You can also add your own twists and forfeits to keep things interesting (and highly competitive), should you see fit!

This fast-paced game can be played either indoors or outdoors, it's equally as fun and full-on either way. Will you still be able to bring it like Kevin Pietersen in this frantic and downright hilarious game?

It's like cricket, but with added Flintoff! Although do not turn up in a pedalo, it's simply not cricket!

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