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Treasure Hunt

Barcelona, Spain From £37pp

Treasure Hunt - City Explorer

Barcelona, Spain From £34pp

Treasure Hunt

Madrid, Spain From £40pp

What's the plan...

  • You'll split your group into teams
  • The captain of each team will download the app
  • The clues, challenges, photos, dares are all sent to your phone
  • Then it's go time!
  • All the teams can see live scores to see how everyone else is doing
  • You'll be racing through the city centre
  • Past plenty of great watering holes if you're thirsty
  • Taking photos, shooting videos, answering questions and solving clues
  • But who will emerge as the Treasure Hunt Champions?
  • And who will get lost in the pub?
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Who says treasure hunts are just for children? Take to the streets of some of the UK’s coolest cities as you battle it out against each other in a range of hilarious challenges and dares in a race to become the Treasure Hunt Champions!

Available in locations across the UK and Europe, the action begins as you split everyone into teams (you can do this prior to the event). Each team captain will download the app on their phone which will reveal everything you need to complete the treasure hunt. This entertaining journey will take you past some of the most iconic landmarks in your chosen town and is a great way to explore the city. Yes, forget normal sightseeing, this is sightseeing 2.0. Along the way, you'll need to achieve a number of tasks which could include:

  • Photo challenges
  • Shooting funny videos
  • Finding clues
  • Answering questions
  • Not getting lost
  • Heading past handy pubs
  • Delicious cafes and bakeries
  • Trying not to lose your team

All the scores are updated live as the action takes place, so as your team scores yet more points ("We've got this, guys, we've got this!"), you'll be able to see the live scores of the other teams as they tick off another clue and chalk up more points ("We don't got this, guys, we don't got this!"). It makes the treasure hunt for adults even more exciting, especially for competitive people (you know who you are!).

There'll be hilarity, there'll be cheating, there'll be teams sneaking into the pub when they think no one else is watching, and there'll be those taking it all far too seriously and making it even funnier as a result.

A game that's great for adults of all shapes, sizes and ages, regardless of whether you're old enough to know better.

Our treasure hunt is a winner, whatever the occasion. Book now!

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