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What's the plan...

  • Don your farming gear
  • And meet your friendly instructor
  • Before you face-off in nine hilarious challenges
  • Let the scrumpy carnage commence
  • Pick who'll brave the Farmer's Shower
  • Photos are taken throughout the day (for free!)
  • Get yer ‘ands on the winning prize!
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Hot Fuzz, Cheddar cheese, Brunel's SS Great Britain the weird and wonderful world of the West Country has lots to shout about, and that includes the hilariously chaotic Somerset Challenge.

Imagine that the Wurzels were to re-create the Olympic games; it's big, it's bonkers, it's the West Country at its best. They're pretty competitive mind, but if you think you can handle it, grab your pitchforks and wellies and prepare to get messy!

Events include:

  • Cider Run Challenge: A glass of zummerzet zyder is placed at one end of an inflatable run, all you need to do is reach it first. The only problem is you're attached to the start by a bungee rope.
  • Pitchfork Duel: You and your competitor will battle it out against one another using inflatable pitchforks to topple your opponent from their podium!
  • Mangold Dangling: Bar skittles with human targets on cider kegs!
  • Wurzel Knockout: Armed to the teeth with cider apples and a huge catapult, you need to take out the target in the fewest number of shots.
  • West Country Wipeout: A pedal-powered sweeper arm in a last man/woman standing contest.
  • Vicky Pollard Handbags: "Yeah but no but yeah!" Don comical outfits and have your Burberry handbags at the ready to wallop your way to the title.
  • Welly Wangling: Sharpshooting Wurzel style; take out the targets with a well-aimed welly.
  • Drunk Pub Skittles: This is West Country pub skittles but on a gurt big scale, and you'll feel dizzy-drunk having been span around a pole first.
  • Farmer's Shower: Pick which one of you will sit in the ‘Tractor Seat of Truth' and fire a series of questions at them. Let's hope the answers meet your approval; a refreshing bucket of dirty ditch water hangs in the balance!
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