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Punting - 2 hours

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Cambridge From £27pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your expert punter and hop aboard
  • Not too vigorously (we don't want anyone falling in!)
  • Take your seats and settle in
  • As you chill out and watch the world go by
  • Enjoy the sights and get some Instagrammable snaps
  • Or just tune out and drift on down the lazy river
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Never did a summer's day look more relaxing than while drifting lazily downriver, watching the sun rippling on the river, birds in the shallows, and for that perfect hour knowing there's absolutely nothing to disrupt your idyllic punting experience. This is the life!

Punting is the perfect way to unwind whilst taking in the sights of some of the most picturesque cities in the country as you laze about without a care in the world. It’s peaceful serenity at its very best!

On the day, you'll get a designated chauffeur who will take you on a tour of your chosen location as you watch the world drift idly by. Simply hop aboard and get comfy as your pro-punter pushes you along. What better way to spend a lazy, sunny, summer’s afternoon!

In the fast-paced hustle and bustle of modern society, it's important to take some time to relax and have a break from your hectic work schedule, the manic school run, the chaotic whirlwind of city life – whatever gets your stress levels up!

So get back to nature in the classiest, most sophisticated way possible, switch those phones to silent, and put the world on flight mode as you wave goodbye to your worries and enjoy the moment.

If you want to get the full punting experience, be sure to pack some cheese and cucumber sandwiches, a straw boater hat, some bubbly, and get ready for a positively spiffing afternoon of fun and frivolity. ‘Jolly good show!’

What are you waiting for? If you're stuck for ideas for a great activity for you and your mates to do, take a punt on a punt! It’s a tried and tested favourite and one of our most popular activities. Don’t miss out, book your punting trip today and set sail for a fabulously fun and wonderfully relaxing afternoon activity.

What are you waiting for...

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