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What's the plan...

  • Enjoy a glass of bubbly on arrival
  • (What a welcome!)
  • Meet your expert perfume maker
  • Sample 18 beautiful blends
  • And create your own signature fragrance!
  • Name your scent and select a bottle
  • Your fragrance will be registered online
  • Order it in the future
  • Prize for the best creation
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Forget Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, how about a spray of something absolutely fabulous… You!

Yes, like every A-list star ever, you now have the chance to create your very own signature fragrance to suit your character and your refined tastes! Whether you'd like something light and floral; sweet and fruity; or sexy, rich and musky, you can create a totally unique signature fragrance that celebrates your individuality. Our trained perfume consultants have everything you'll need to make up some truly heavenly scents, so you just need to bring yourselves and your nose for sublime smells!

Your friendly expert will introduce you to a fantastic range of ingredients before teaching you about the various characters and scents. Discover how to detect base, middle, and top notes, and find out why certain blends last for longer. Once your perfume knowledge is polished, you'll get the chance to sample the concoctions, sniff out your favourites, and decide which ones you'd like to incorporate into your very own unique fragrance.

Then it's time to get hands-on and create your very own perfume! The consultant will be on hand to make sure you don't go too crazy or make any crucial mistakes. They'll also make sure you get the most out of the scent-sational session (see what we did there?). And the creativity doesn't stop there! You must come up with a name for your fragrance so you can channel Marilyn Monroe and say you wear ‘five drops of ‘insert your fragrance name here' and nothing else to bed!'

While scents might be a matter of opinion, our consultants have smelt a lot of perfume in their time, and they have a nose for finding the most desirable fragrances. The best creation will receive an atomiser pen for easy application, and everyone involved can take their perfume home. You won't have to worry about making it last, either. Each of you will also receive a unique E-card with your scent on it and it will be registered online, so you can order new bottles whenever you want. Remember, you are never fully dressed without perfume!

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