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Off Road Karts

Bristol From £53pp

Rebel Rally Buggy Trials

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Off Road Karts

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Off Road Karts

Vilnius, Lithuania From £63pp

Off Road 4X4

Warsaw, Poland From £75pp

What's the plan...

  • Arrive and get suited and booted in your driving gear!
  • You'll get a quick rundown of rules and a safety briefing
  • Because these high-powered off-roaders pack a serious punch
  • Start your engines!
  • You'll get a few practice laps before it's go time
  • Format will vary depending on group size and location
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Driving on smooth, freshly laid tarmac? What's difficult, entertaining or badass about that? Anyone could do what those F1 drivers do, no problem! No, if you really want to crank up the carnage, forget about the racetrack and head off-road for some high-octane, adrenaline-pumping chaos.

Off Road Karts are the driving equivalent of having smarties for breakfast or having a Red Bull and coffee milkshake for dinner: proper heart-racing stuff. It's suped-up, nail-biting, all-action madness from start to finish and, quite frankly, one of the most exciting activities on this or any other planet!

On arrival, you'll meet your seasoned off-road enthusiasts who'll give you a speedy safety briefing before you suit up and are let loose. You'll each get a few practice laps to get to grips with these specially customised karts before you gear up for the big race or timed lap.*

When you hear the word kart most people think: "Pfft, how powerful can they be?!" Well, the answer to that question is: VERY! These highly-tuned off-roaders can hit speeds of up to 60mph which, when you're skidding around the circuit kicking up dust and sliding around chicanes, feels even more powerful!

If you fancy yourself as the best driver in your group, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and prove it once and for all. Eternal bragging rights await the victor whilst the loser will be the butt of driving jokes for years to come. If bragging rights aren't enough, bring along your own prizes to dish out at the end (and don't forget a wooden spoon!).

What are you waiting for? If you and your party are looking to celebrate in the most high-powered way possible, or are just looking to spice up a weekend, an Off Road Karts Experience is the perfect adventurous activity. Book today!

*Format will vary on location and group size.

What are you waiting for...

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