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Mud Buggies

Bratislava, Slovakia From £63pp

Mud Buggies

Bristol From £53pp

Mud Buggies

Edinburgh From £46pp

What's the plan...

  • Get suited and booted
  • Split into teams of up to six
  • Take to the tracks in a few practice laps
  • Get down and dirty racing head to head
  • Cheer on the others in the next heat
  • Racing champions make the grand final
  • Winner takes all!
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Head off-road and prepare to tear up the terrain as you get behind the wheels of these chaotic mud buggies and attempt to leave your pals in your wake. You'll do battle over some high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled races, but there can be only one winner. Will it be you?

These powerful beasts pack a serious punch do you have the driving skills to tame them? Boasting 400cc engines, they will have you screeching sideways at approximately ‘Aaaaaarhh' miles per hour as you slam your feet to the floor and pin yourselves to the seats. Yes, it's not every day you get to go as fast as you possibly can without seeing flashing blue lights in the rear-view mirror, so it's time to leave everything you've got out on that track.

On the day, you'll get a few practise laps to get a feel for the buggies before you go head-to-head in a race for eternal bragging rights. Depending on group sizes, you'll be split into heats before a Grand Finale where the winner takes all. Racers… start your engines!

If fast-paced thrills and flying dirt isn't enough to satisfy your need for white-knuckle adventure, the fierce competition is sure to get you in the zone. This Mud Buggies experience slaps on healthy rivalry as thick as the mud you'll be sending to your rivals. If there are some sore losers amongst you, then it's going to get messy.

Sunday Drivers and Captain Slows need not apply! This awesome activity is for the brave, the bold and, well… whoever else you managed to rope in. Irrespective of your driving prowess you're bound to have a laugh, plus you'll well and truly earn your pints in the pub that evening, where you can cheers the winner and dissect all the action.

"Eat my dust, suckkkeeersss!"

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