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Grand Prix (Minimotos)

Bath From £48pp

Maxi Prix (Minimotos)

Bath From £60pp

Super Prix (Minimotos)

Bath From £72pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your expert instructors for a safety briefing
  • Get kitted out in your biking leathers, helmets and gloves
  • Warm-up with some practice laps to get used to the handling
  • Game faces on, time for heats to amp up the competition
  • Finish with the grand finale…
  • Winner takes all!
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They might look like kids' toys but wait until you get behind the wheel of these crazy vehicles. These high-speed
Mini Motos pack two-stroke engines and are capable of speeds of up to 30mph. That may not sound so fast from the comfort of a car, but just wait until you're down close and personal to the track, struggling to stay upright as you power around the circuit. You'll be so close to the ground, you'll see for yourself how fast you're going as the track blurs past you!

Dressed in your biker gear, you'll feel (and look) pretty tough, buzzing to take on the high-octane competitive challenge. After a quick safety briefing, you'll take to the track, crouch down, and give these Mini Motos a spin. How can something look so ridiculous and cool at the same time?! Once you've got a feel for the handling, it's time to crank it up a gear!

Zip around in some fiery heats to sort the Speedy Gonzales-s from the Sunday Drivers. You'll get a brief moment to recover as you watch your mates battle it out in their rounds and, trust us, watching grown adults crouched down on these eighteen-inch vehicles is absolutely hilarious. The heats are almost as thrilling to witness as they are to take part in.

You'll finish with a bang in the Grand Finale! If you've proved yourself worthy, you'll take part in the final race to determine who is the Mini Moto Champion once and for all. Take it easy though, we're not sure if these Mini Motos can handle that extra ton of smug pride!

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