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Inflatable Games

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Inflatable Games

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Inflatable Games

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It's A Knockout

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It's A Knockout

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Inflatable Games

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What's the plan...

  • Pick your teams
  • Exchange some smack talk
  • Go head-to-head over giant obstacle challenges
  • With hilarious costumes and sporting rivalries
  • To crown the Inflatable Games Champions
  • One team will take the title
  • Whilst the other watches on through tear-filled eyes
  • Game on!
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The world is far too serious a place these days: politics, taxes, climate change, scandals, the list goes on (and on and on). Sometimes you just need to forget it all for an afternoon and throw yourselves face-first into a giant foam-filled slide or climb a wobbly wall; to race on inflatable unicorns, take on a Total Wipeout-styled obstacle course, battle it out on the spinning turntables, sprint whilst being attached to bungee cords. Is that too much to ask?!

Well, actually, no it isn't, and you can get involved too as you and your party pit yourselves against one another in the frantic and totally hilarious Inflatable Games. You and your pals will split into two teams and take each other on in a series of crazy inflatable challenges as you bounce, climb and clamber your way to victory.

On arrival, you'll pick your teams before you're given a rundown of the games. There can be anything from foam covered hills, crazy inflatable walls, and spinning contraptions for you to battle and conquer. Points will be awarded throughout and there'll be a lively soundtrack blaring out to keep everyone focused and motivated on the task at hand.

Teamwork is the name of the game here, but you'll also need a competitive edge, a plucky spirit and a wacky sense of humour if you're going to defeat the Inflatable Games once and for all. But mostly it's about winning… or more importantly, not losing!

Sheer madness from start to finish, the toughest task of them all is trying to overcome your total hysterics so you can actually complete the thing and beat the opposing team! Because second place is simply first losers (Yeah, let's get motivational people!).

Please Note: Games may vary depending on location.

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