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What's the plan...

  • Meet your expert instructor and get kitted out
  • Master the art of controlling the hovercraft
  • As you practice tackling land, water and thick mud
  • Before you get your game faces on
  • And go head to head racing in time trials
  • See who emerges as the Hovercraft Racing Champion!
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‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's your pal hovering above the land on an absolutely massive whoopee cushion!'

These chaotic hovercrafts are the ultimate test of your driving abilities. For those not in the know, these amphibious one-driver machines are capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice and fire (OK, maybe not fire!) with virtually no effort. But make no mistake, while they chew up and spit out tough terrains with ease, they require a lot of effort from the driver!

It might seem obvious to avoid hitting trees, but once you get behind the controls of these mean beasts, you'll soon find out they're pretty tricky to master! See how hard it is to stay in control when you're constantly wiped out, crying with laughter and trying your very best to keep on course.

Once you've had a speedy safety briefing and got a feel for the handling, it's time to get competitive and see who can get the best score in some epic time trials. Sure, anyone can handle wheels, but let's see if you're so smooth when it comes to showing off in these inflatable automobiles.

These 500cc crafts are powered by huge amounts of air and can pack up to 50BHP (if you can't gauge how strong that is now, just wait until a fan the size of a jet engine is worryingly close to your head!).

If you're looking for a unique, hilarious and simply unforgettable way to spend your afternoon, then this Hovercraft Experience is the way to go. Whether you conquer the course or end up spinning sideways, you're guaranteed to have a blast!

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