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Highland Games

Amsterdam, Netherlands From £75pp

Highland Games

Edinburgh From £46pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your friendly marshals
  • Get introduced to the hilarious games
  • Learn the rules of each game as you go
  • Split off into teams and prepare for battle
  • Let the highland wars commence!
  • Get down and dirty
  • And see who emerges as the Highland Games Champions!
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If you've been searching for some competitive, energetic and downright hilarious sporting events to take on, then look no further. Wherever you're from, you cannae go wrong with the chaotic Highland Games. Forget the Olympics, these are superior in every way with their manic challenges and Battered Mars Bar-fuelled energy!

As you'll know, the Scots are made of tough stuff, and they're known for giving it some welly in their legendary Highland Games. Now it's your turn to show everyone what you've got! The marvellous mix of games is likely to be like nothing you've tried before and everyone knows that hurling wellies and tossing the caber is the ultimate test of brawn.

Once you lads and lassies have split into teams and finished your intimidating smack talk, your friendly marshals will introduce you to the games and run through the rules. Then it's time to get stuck in and fight with all your Highland might! If there are some competitive folks amongst you, then it's gonnae get a wee bit messy…

Games vary dependant on dates and weather, but may include:

  • Tossing the Caber
  • Highland Dancing
  • Farmer's Dash
  • Cow Bell Bar
  • Welly Tossing
  • Tug o' War
  • Haggis Hurling
  • Whiskey Challenge

Your sporting coaches will be keeping score throughout (so no cheating… well just make sure you don't get caught if you do!). Who will emerge as the Highland Games Champions, and who will be crying into their haggis? Well, there's only one way to find out!

When all the excitement is over, we recommend heading to the pub and treating yourselves to a wee dram which you'll have definitely earnt. And remember the losers will be buying the first round that's just the rules we're afraid.

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