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What's the plan...

  • Arrive at a high-end cocktail bar
  • And meet your friendly gin expert
  • They'll impart their unrivalled wisdom
  • As you learn about the botanicals and flavours
  • You'll get to try a variety of stunning gins
  • Before you get a chance to infuse your own
  • Your expert will also introduce a hilarious tasting game
  • And you'll end with some afternoon tea and cupcakes
  • Delightful!
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Afternoon Tea is making a roaring comeback, let us be the ones to tell you, and gin is very much in. Together they make for the most elegant afternoon activity this planet has ever cast eyes on and we are yet to be proved otherwise. The only way this could be trumped for style and sophistication is if they started offering Champagne Tasting at Buckingham Palace or Unicorn Grooming on a gondola in Venice, but neither seems to be in the pipeline just yet!

On arrival, you'll meet your experienced gin expert (is it too late for a career change?) who will teach you all there is to know about a wide variety of botanicals and flavours of the nation's favourite boozy beverage. You'll get to try an array of stunning exotic gins before you put all that knowledge into practice and have a go at infusing some for yourselves.

Whilst this is all going on your gin-thusiast will get you playing a hilarious tasting game for added laughs before you end your session with a delicious selection of high tea and cupcakes.

QI Afternoon Tea Facts

  • The idea of afternoon tea was invented by the 7th Duchess of Bedford to stave off hunger in the afternoon. She started inviting friends to join her and the idea grew in popularity after Queen Victoria started having her own afternoon tea parties.
  • Typically the upper classes had their tea at 4 pm, and the lower and middle classes had theirs at 5/6 pm after they finished work for the day.
  • Upper classes enjoyed ‘low' tea, served on low tables (what we would now call coffee tables), whilst the middle and lower classes called it ‘high' tea and many people still refer to their evening meal as ‘tea'.
  • To celebrate PG Tips' 75th anniversary, Boodles Jewellery created a diamond-encrusted teabag worth £7,500.
  • The British consume 36 billion cups of tea a year.
  • The most famous afternoon tea, served at London's Ritz Hotel, includes a bellini cocktail.
  • Rare Da Hong Pao Tea sells for £2,000 per kilogram.
  • Devon and Cornwall are fiercely divided on the issue of whether it's jam or cream first on scones.
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