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  • Check-in at the beautiful, historic spa
  • Enjoy 2.5 hours of pure relaxation
  • Have a soak in the pool
  • Enjoy the hot room chambers and steam room
  • Unwind in the relaxation room
  • And leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and pampered
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The Turkish Baths in Harrogate are famed across the globe. It's the ultimate place to kick back, relax and blow the cobwebs away as you soak in the healing waters and unwind in the stunning steam room.

Dating back to Roman times, the spa is the perfect combo of 19th-century beauty and contemporary spa facilities. While most spas are decent wherever you go, this one goes above and beyond, and has truly stood the test of time ever since travellers way back when journeyed across Europe to enjoy its revitalising waters!

If you're looking to take some time out to chill, there really isn't a better place to do so. Leave your worries at the door and indulge two and a half hours of relaxation as you enjoy full access to the fantastic spa facilities:

  • The Steam Room - Eradicate your toxins in this high humidity room. Soak up the heat, feel your tension evaporate, and allow the eucalyptus-infused steam to open your pores. The experience itself incredibly relaxing and the benefits of the steam room for your skin are endless.
  • The Heated Chambers Work your way up from the Tepidarium (warm room), to the Caldarium (hot room) and finally the Laconium (hottest room) as you acclimatise to the temperatures which work wonders for your skin.
  • Plunge Pool - Though a shock to the system, the change in temperature helps to improve your body's circulation and flush out the toxins. So don't skip it! (You'll need it after the Laconium).
  • Relaxation Room - Unwind in the elegant 'Frigidarium' as you slow things down and clear your mind.

This journey of relaxation is just what you need to take care of No.1 and treat yourselves to a day of pampering. Soothe your aches and pains, and leave feeling as fabulous as you look. This unforgettable Turkish bathing ritual in the beautiful, historic spa is not to be missed.

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