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What's the plan...

  • Get kitted up before a quick safety briefing
  • The instructors will show you how to get the most out of the karts
  • Before you take to the grass and have at it!
  • Compete in heats, time trials and grand finals
  • And see who emerges as the Grass Karting Champion
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Satisfy your need for speed with some chaotic four-wheeled racing action! Why confine yourselves to a track when you can head off-road for some high octane Grass Karting action? Yes, it's time you put to bed all those arguments over who of you is the best driver as you finally go wheel to wheel in a race to the finish. You may think you're pretty handy behind the wheel, but these suped-up karts are different beasts altogether!

You'll be swapping the slick, smooth asphalt for raw, unpredictable grassy terrain. You'll soon find it's pretty tricky to tackle as you attempt to power through bumps, potholes, and all kinds of tricky ground on this awesome custom-built course. If you can master the art of driving these grass karts and manage to pass through the obstacles without losing speed, you're well on your way to making your Driving Champion dreams come true!

Your friendly instructors will introduce you to the karts, show you the controls, and make sure you're able to get the absolute most out of these bad boys. They'll explain the racing rules and safety guidelines then give you some top tips (such as keep them shiny side up). Once you've got a feel for how they work, it's time to engage in some white-knuckle action and take to the track!

Let's hope there aren't too many sore losers amongst you, because as hilarious and personally challenging as this activity is, it's also extremely competitive. You and your fellow racers will compete in a series of heats, time trials and finish up going head to head in the ultimate grand finale. Now's the time for that friend who's always boasting about their impeccable driving skills to prove it during this laughter-filled, action-packed challenge.

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