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What's the plan...

  • Meet your instructors and check out the awesome course
  • Learn how to master the controls of the heavy metal machines
  • Before the competitions commence….
  • Go head to head in a number of heats
  • Face hidden nasties and penalty points
  • Winners will do battle for dumper truck glory
  • And a victor shall be crowned
  • Good luck and godspeed!
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While dumper trucks happen to be pretty good at transporting sand, earth and gravel, we know that the ultimate purpose of these heavy metal machines is to provide you with kicks and thrills as you take them for a spin in an epic heavy metal race… right?!

Swap traditional racing for something larger than life and a little bit mad. This activity is big, bonkers, and bloody hilarious. Discover just how nifty these bad boys can be in an afternoon packed with motorised madness! These mental metal machines are an ultimate test for your driving skills: you'll need good coordination, determination and lots of nerve to steer these huge dumper trucks around the uneven terrain.

Your friendly instructors will introduce you to the vehicles and allow you to get a feel for the controls before letting the chaos commence. You'll take to the custom-designed course and take on tricky, dusty tracks trying to outmanoeuvre your opponents.

Split into groups of three or four dumper trucks at a time, you'll head across a largely flat course with a few surprises built-in. There are penalty spots that incur time stoppages if hit, so a speedy but controlled race is necessary if you dream of dumper truck glory. Winners of the heats will go head-to-head in one final battle and only one of you can emerge as the true heavy metal racing champion!

It's not every day you get to climb into the driver's cabin of your very own dumper truck without a Cat License and put your skills to the test in a thrilling competition (unless you're a dumper truck driver in which case, you've got this!). Anyone that catches sight of you will think that the construction workers have gone mad! This truly is a racing experience like no other. Get booking!

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