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Deep Sea Fishing

Ibiza, Spain From £126pp

Deep Sea Fishing

Marbella, Spain From £63pp

Deep Sea Fishing

Marbella, Spain From £1132 for the group

What's the plan...

  • Meet your captain for the day
  • Sail out to open waters
  • Cast off and wait patiently
  • Get expert advice from the skipper
  • And see who can land the best catch!
  • Once-in-a-lifetime stuff
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Leave sunbathing on the beach for another day, it's time to push the boat out… literally! We don't know if it's the dramatic thrill of the primal hunt or the constant heave of the ocean, but there's something about deep-sea fishing that makes for an exciting, unforgettable activity like no other. Sail out to sea for a day filled with fresh air, blue rolling waves and lots of juicy fish!

We're not saying you have to go full Chief Brody from Jaws, and (hopefully) there won't be any massive sharks lurking about, but you will need a bigger boat! These fantastic fishing boats are built to deal with the strong winds and waves that you'll face far out at sea. Gather your crew, climb aboard, and sail away into the ocean blue.

As most of you know, this sport is more dangerous than your average fishing expedition. But don't worry, we won't throw you in the deep end. Well, we will, but you'll be accompanied by an experienced skipper who knows where to find the best waters and will ensure your trip is both fun and safe. They'll introduce you to the equipment and give you some key pointers, so whether you're a novice or fishing expert, you'll all be in with an equal chance of getting the catch of the day!

You can pick from two big game fishing adventures: half-day or full-day. The main difference is the type of fish you will catch. A half-day may be a couple of miles out, to concentrate on wreck fishing, while a full day means you'll head out much further.

This activity is the perfect balance of adrenaline-pumping action and quality time with your favourite people out at sea. Get away from it all and soak up the unique, stunning ocean views as you throw your lines overboard and wait for that catch. That's dinner sorted!

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