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Crossbow Shooting

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What's the plan...

  • Quick safety briefing so you know which way to point the bows
  • Have a practice session to get your eye in
  • Then it's showtime
  • Go head to head to find your group's best shot
  • And get all Robin Hood up in here!
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In the same way that everyone looks better in a suit, you can't not look cool with a crossbow. It's impossible. You can keep your guns and your high-tech laser shooters, thank you very much, we're going old school and it's seriously badass. Prepare for that impending zombie invasion (and trust us, it's coming) in the coolest way possible as you and your mates take to the range and shoot some bolts.

You'll have an expert crossbow handler on hand who'll give you a rundown of these high-powered bad boys before you have a practice session to get your eye in. Then, it's showtime!  Fire your bolts at targets while the instructor keeps score to crown a winner at the end. Think darts, but a much more epic version and fewer beer bellies (well, allegedly). These hard-hitting weapons are fully automatic, so they're incredibly easy to control and fire and you'll get the hang of them in no time.

Exhilarating action and hilarious fun, crossbow shooting should be up there with football and baking as one of our favourite national pastimes yes, it's that good. It's also hugely practical. One day those aliens will escape from Area 51 or wherever they've been hiding them and go on a global rampage, and you need to be ready. What you gonna do, use a cricket bat? Pffft, they'll be eating brains quicker than you can say, "Daryl Dixon!" With a crossbow, you'll be able to stay a safe distance away and fire at will.

Put your sharpshooting skills to the ultimate test. There'll be targets at various distances, sizes and difficulties so you can push your crossbow firing abilities to the max. "Come on, Jane, that's so close I could literally just reach out and put the bolt in the target!"

Don't wait around, book today! You'll feel like a right plum when the zombies arrive and you don't know which way round to hold a crossbow!

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