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Wine Tasting with Chocolate

Bath From £30pp

Wine Tasting with Chocolate

Bristol From £28pp

What's the plan...

  • Meet your chocolate and wine connoisseur
  • Uncover a delicious world spawned from grapes and beans
  • Sample the goods!
  • Enjoy two luxuriously indulgent hours of tasting
  • Learn which wine complements different chocolate
  • Test your newfound knowledge in a fun quiz
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Chocolate and wine are life's two finest luxuries, so why not indulge in an afternoon of pure heaven as you sample some gorgeous chocolates which will be paired with a selection of fine dessert wines, red wines and fizz. "Don't mind if I do!"

Your experienced connoisseur will take you through the process of sampling a selection of delicious Rocco Chocolates paired with a few glasses of top quality vino. These wines are handpicked by expert sommeliers who know how to create the perfect combos to treat your taste buds. Whether you prefer dark, rich flavours or sweet, creamy combos, this classy activity has something for everyone… well, if you like chocolate that is, but who doesn't?

Whether you're looking to kickstart your night out or are simply chilling out and spending some quality time together doing something special, this sophisticated session has it all. Alongside enjoying these delicious treats, you'll learn fascinating facts and discover top tips on how to pick out the perfect wine and choco combo. The next time you have a special occasion or decide to treat yourself, you can draw on your knowledge and put it into practice!

You'll learn how to distinguish between various beans and vino aromas, and find out how to select the perfect wine match for white, milk, and dark chocolate. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover your new favourite tipple? You'll certainly gain a deeper understanding of the world-class drink and discover how the cocoa beans are turned into your favourite chocolate. Finish off by putting your newfound knowledge to the test in a fun quiz and see who's really been listening and who's just been gorging!

If you're looking to add a touch of class to your day, then this is a fantastic, unique way to spend some quality time together, gain new knowledge, and treat yourselves to one of the finest combinations in the world. You know what they say: Chocolate and wine make an ordinary day divine!

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