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What's the plan...

  • Arrive at the ‘lab'
  • Step inside a familiar RV
  • Meet your expert mixologists
  • Don your hazmat suits and goggles
  • Get cooking!
  • Mix up three delicious molecular cocktails
  • Use dry ice and real chemistry techniques ("Science, b*tch!")
  • Drink up to destroy the evidence
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‘It just doesn't make sense, you've got your party together, made it all the way to London, and all of a sudden you're just gonna break bad?'

You better believe it! This Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab takes one of the greatest TV shows of all time and pairs it with an arsenal of alcoholic ingredients and dry ice to create an experience as awesome and unforgettable as the show itself.

You and your lab partners will arrive onsite and bring it back to where it all began: the RV lab. If you paid close attention to the show (or let's face it, binge-watched it more than once), you'll recognise the many Breaking Bad in-jokes and references that are packed inside! Pull-on your hazmat suits and goggles and get cooking up some killer cocktails… move over ‘Heisenberg' there's a new cook in town!

Using real chemistry, high-tech equipment, teamwork and precision, this Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab experience will be just like you're there. Although, instead of a sinister crystal meth distributor watching your every move on the CCTV, you'll be under the guidance of our expert mixologists.

The brilliantly boozy Breaking Bad experience includes:

  • Choco Sky  Rum, bourbon, pineapple, agave syrup, dry ice and white chocolate.
  • The Lab - Vodka, Lemon Vodka infused with lemongrass, cardamoms, thyme, rosemary, dry ice.
  • Dry Walter - Vodka, Cointreau, Sweet Vermouth, grapefruit and ginger-infused by Nitrogen cavitation.
  • Wendy Martini - Vodka, Passoa, passion fruit, prosecco and dry ice.

Of course, we don't take any ‘half measures.' It goes without saying that you'll need to drink them to destroy the evidence as quick as possible. You don't want the DEA on your back. As we know, what starts as an innocent experiment can quickly escalate to being chased by cartel killers!

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