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What's the plan...

  • All aboard! Take your seats and get comfy
  • You'll be welcomed with a glass of bubbly
  • And then set off on a tour of the city
  • While being served a delicious afternoon tea
  • Delicate sandwiches, mini quiches, cupcakes and petit fours
  • And scones with whipped cream!
  • With lots of tea or coffee
  • Plus a gin cocktail
  • Or ‘pot-tail' (a cocktail served in a teapot)
  • It's the best way to go sightseeing ever!
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Possibly the greatest sightseeing tour of all time!

Get ready to sightsee in style as you and your friends explore this stunning city on a vintage red bus whilst tucking into a spectacular array of dainty sandwiches, quiches, cupcakes and scones with whipped cream. Yes, forget walking around for hours on end trying to tick the biggest and best sights off your list, when you can watch the world go by from the comfort of this funky retro bus.

On arrival, you'll be welcomed aboard with a fizzing glass of prosecco (fantastic start) before settling down and tucking into your delicious afternoon tea. But the boozy extras don't finish there, you'll also be treated to a superbly concocted cocktail to ensure the party spirits remain high throughout!

The menu:

  • Finger sandwiches
  • Warmed mini quiches
  • Petit fours
  • Cupcakes
  • Scones with jam and cream (Jam first, the Queen herself says so!)
  • Tea or coffee
  • A variety of fine teas on offer

On top of the wonderful array of British brunch favourites, you'll each get to enjoy either a gin-based cocktail or retro-style ‘pot-tail', served in a funky teapot (how boujee!). This brilliant Boozy Afternoon Bus Tour truly befits your elegance and grace and it's the perfect way to treat yourselves while ticking off all the sightseeing boxes. 

Yes, if you're heading off to a new city for a big weekend away, why do things by half measures? Make it an extra special celebration and elevate proceedings to new spectacular heights with this boozy bus tour. This activity is super inclusive and brilliant for groups with a large age range.

Let's face it, would you rather trudge around a city (cocktailess) looking at the sights, or would you rather kick back in style (cocktail in hand) and watch it unravel around you?

Yeah, us too!

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