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What's the plan...

  • Head to the stunning beach
  • Meet your friendly instructor and have a quick safety briefing
  • Get kitted out in wetsuits and fins (flippers)
  • Discover the basics before testing the waters
  • Run into the sea!
  • Practice paddling, turning, duck diving, and catching ‘green waves'
  • Celebrate on shore with a bottle of bubbly
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Bodyboarding, boogie boarding, whatever you like to call it, this activity is the ultimate wave riding sport. Bodyboarding is a bit like surfing, but better. You get all the best bits super cool surfer looks, the thrill of riding the waves, the wind in your hair all without having to stand up!

Plus, you won't have the frustration of falling into the sea again and again, as bodyboarding is much easier to get the hang of. You're pretty much guaranteed to catch a wave within the first ten minutes of hitting the water!

You'll be provided with tight rubber suits and flippers, so just need to bring your own towels and swimsuits. Once you're all kitted up and ocean ready, your experienced coach will take you to the safest waters in the sea and demonstrate how to ride the waves. They'll accommodate everyone from extreme watersport enthusiasts to complete beginners. You'll then learn how to ride a bodyboard on the crest, face and curl of a wave which carries you straight to shore.

Once you're ready to test the waters, head straight to the big ol'blue and get wet and wild as you take on the waves. Using your body and legs to steer you through the sea, you'll be paddling, trimming, turning, duck diving, and catching 'green waves' before you know it!

This really is a crash course in a brilliant sport that you can try out at beaches all over the globe. There's no better way to feel like you're on top of the world. Once you bring your sea legs back to shore, you can celebrate on the beautiful sandy beach by popping open a bottle of bubbly. It's a hard life!

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