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Blindfold Driving

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Blindfold Driving

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Blindfold Driving

Bristol From £30pp

Blindfold Driving

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Blindfold Driving

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Blindfold Driving

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What's the plan...

  • Speedy safety briefing
  • Before you get the feel of your 4x4
  • Your team will enter the car
  • Then it's blindfold time
  • The first driver gets behind the wheel
  • The rest of the team will give directions to get you around the course
  • Battle the other teams
  • As you race against the clock
  • Fastest wins!
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Anyone could drive a 4x4 off-road. They're called off-roaders. That's what they're meant to do. Easy. No, that won't suffice for your exhilarating weekend activity, we're going to Top Gear things up a bit and make it even more interesting. How about driving these tough-terrain-tackling beasts without seeing where you're going? Yes, that's more like it. We've cranked the craziness up to the max to bring you this chaotic challenge which is incredibly unique and downright hilarious!

In this blindfold driving activity, you'll get behind the wheel of one of our huge 4x4s, don your blindfolds and start your engines. "Mirror, signal, manoeuvre.. oh hang on!"

Your mates will then direct you around one of our specialised tracks, whether you trust them to give you the right directions or not is another matter.

Working in teams, you'll race against the clock to complete the course as quick as you possibly can whilst trying to avoid penalties along the way. Thankfully there are no road users or even a speed camera in sight.

Gear yourselves up for a hilariously fun, laughter-filled activity you'll be talking about for weeks and months to come. Shout, giggle, crash and bicker your way around the course as you try and claim those all-important bragging rights. "Why have we stopped?" "Technically, you didn't stop, you crashed!"

This is extreme motorsport action with a humungous twist and it's possibly the best invention since the wheel. If you're looking for that epic activity for your big event or you're just celebrating the end of a long old week at work in style, look no further. Book today!

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