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What's the plan...

  • Step back to the ‘90s and meet your expert instructor
  • Enjoy a fantastic themed warm-up
  • Learn a professionally choreographed routine
  • Take it one spicy step at a time
  • Piece the moves together
  • Practice and perfect the whole routine
  • Perform a show-stopping dance!
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‘Oh my God, we're back again'...

Birkenstocks, massive scrunchies and plaid shirts are making a strong comeback, and so are 90's dance moves! Get in on the hype and relive the days where you made up your own amazing routines to some Spice Girls and Boyzone bangers. This ‘90s dance class takes those awesome moves to the next level!

Kitted out in your sportswear and headbands (preferably neon), you'll take your dancing feet to the private studio, where you'll meet your friendly, experienced instructor. Begin with a hilarious ‘90s warm-up, before learning the moves to a professionally choreographed 90's dance routine.

This class is for absolutely everyone! Whether you're a ‘new kid on the block' or a dancing pro, you can all dance and have fun getting stuck in. That's what it's all about! Get practising the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, and Carlton Bank's sweet sweet moves it's time to get jiggy with it.

Haircuts that look like they've gone wrong, Tamagotchi's being the highest form of digital entertainment, and shoes that were more like a torture device can all stay in the past. But some of the 90's treasures will never die! Like Friends and awesome 90's dance moves. And if there's one thing that's missing from the 21st century, it's neon bodysuits and hammer time.

Once you leave the class, sweaty, buzzing, and all danced out, you can tuck these 90's moves up your sleeve and take over the dance floor next time you're out on the town (or in your bedroom with a hairbrush).

It's the perfect activity for those who are looking to get the blood pumping and even just for those who are looking for a laugh. It's high-octane energy, but it's also really good fun and can be tailored to suit all athletic (and dancing) abilities.

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