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Back to the 80s

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What's the plan...

  • Your friendly instructor will get you warmed up
  • Then it's time to start learning your routine
  • And a five, six, seven, eight…
  • The classic ‘80s moves are broken up into sections
  • In a professionally choreographed routine
  • You'll learn one section at a time
  • Then piece the whole thing together
  • Before competing in a classic 80's ‘dance-off'
  • With a prize for the winning team
  • Your instructor can film you so bring cameras
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A decade when everything was big! The hair, the music, the shoulder pads, even chocolate bars were bigger back then. But bigger than all of this were the music videos. MTV ruled the world and the biggest names such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince created music videos on an epic scale.

It's these iconic songs and videos that our Back to the ‘80s dance class brings to life. You'll learn classic 80's dance moves in a fun environment, with your own private space (no onlookers), and work at a speed suitable for your whole group. You'll end the session feeling like 80's superstars, but first, you gotta dance! You want fame? Well, fame costs and right here's where you start paying… in sweat (Fame!).

It's not just the fashion and the stars, the ‘80s undoubtedly produced some of the greatest music of all time, songs that even Millennials and Gen Alphas can sing-along to. You'll dance along to some of the biggest hits of the decade and learn a professionally choreographed routine.

The routine is broken into sections and, as you learn each new part, you'll keep piecing it together until gradually you're performing the whole thing.

From Footloose to Flashdance, Girls Just Wanting to Have Fun and Raining Men, there are so many feel-good songs and instantly recognisable moves, you'll soon be the stars of the routine. But it doesn't end there, once you've learnt the routine, you'll then be split into teams before taking part in a real 80's dance-off. Who will be the best dancing crew and walk away with the prize? Bring your best moves and game faces, the beats about to hit the fan!

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