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Assault Course

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Assault Course

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Assault Course

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Assault Course

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Assault Course

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What's the plan...

  • Get your sporting gear on and prepare to do battle
  • Overalls will be provided in some locations
  • You'll have a quick safety briefing
  • Before you get your first look at the giant course that awaits
  • Game faces on… It's go time!
  • Work as a team or it's everyone for themselves
  • Winner gets eternal glory
  • Whilst the losers get a self-inflicted mud bath
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"It's health and safety gone maaaaad!" A regular cry, but there might be some truth behind it. These days it seems you can't pick up a box at work without having to watch a twenty-minute video about how to do it. And don't even think about crossing the company car park without a hi-viz jacket! Nah, what you need in life is a test and to put yourself out on the ragged edge!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get back out in the elements, it's time to unravel the cotton wool that society has wrapped us up in and take on Mother Nature, one muddy step at a time. With the epic Assault Course, you'll run, climb, swing and crawl your way to victory as you put your physical and mental abilities to the test.

There'll be scramble nets, Burma bridges, rope swings and high walls to conquer as you work as a team or battle it out individually to be crowned the Assault Course Champion.

On arrival, you'll meet your friendly instructor who'll give you a quick safety briefing (to be fair, this one is very necessary as you'll be battling epic obstacles, not learning how to sit correctly at your desk), before you take to the course and have at it.

Complete the course in the fastest time and eternal glory awaits... well, eternal glory or bragging rights down the pub. Either way, it's win-win.

The losers merely face the prospect of being caked in mud with nothing to show for their efforts. Actually, that's not quite true, completing the course in itself is an achievement and it's a hilariously fun activity, so there's guaranteed to be laughs throughout.

What are you waiting for? Try it for yourselves!

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