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Adrenalin Park

Hvar, Croatia (Hrvatska) From £103pp

Adrenaline Day

Ljubljana, Slovenia From £138pp

What's the plan...

  • Choose 2, 3 or 4 amazing activities
  • You'll have a quick safety briefing and introduction
  • Various challenges require safety gear
  • Take on some crazy adrenaline-pumping activities
  • Indoor skydiving
  • Indoor surfing
  • F1 race simulator
  • Climbing wall
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You don't need to head to the beach or climb into an aeroplane to tick unique adrenaline-pumping experiences off your bucket list. You can do them all at one place in this awesome Adrenaline Day! Compete against your fellow adventure seekers in a series of activities designed to separate the daredevils from the wimps. You can choose between two, three or four spectacular extreme sports…


‘I'm not saying I'm Superman, I'm just saying nobody has seen me and Superman in the same room.' Forget climbing in a helicopter or strapping yourself to a stranger, you can experience the thrills of freefalling from 40,000ft with indoor skydiving! That's the equivalent of three tandem skydives. You'll learn how to freefall in a wind-tunnel that blasts air at an incredible 180mph. Get kitted out in jumpsuits, helmets and goggles, and defy gravity!

Indoor Surfing

For those of you not in the know, flowboarding is an alternative watersport combining elements of surfing, skating, snowboarding and wakeboarding. You'll be riding on artificial waves known as ‘sheet waves' in a specially designed indoor wave pool. The water is kept at an inviting 25° and the soft rubber membrane means any falls are softly cushioned. As the water shoots past the board, your challenge is to ride the waves!

F1 Race Simulator

It's time to settle the arguments of who's the best driver once and for all! These hugely realistic state-of-the-art F1 stimulators share technology with those used by the F1 teams to prepare drivers for the courses. Three racing pods are raised on hydraulics to move, giving you a real-time racing experience. Warm-up with a practice lap, before racing against the clock. You can compare race times at the end and sort the Sunday drivers from the ultimate racing champions!

Climbing Wall

Go from Superman to Spiderman as you scale the walls of these state-of-the-art belay stations. You'll receive training from your instructors on how to navigate the wall, pick the best line and make it to the top. You'll find over twenty different routes to choose from and, if you're feeling competitive, there's a buzzer at the top of the wall which you can race to and compare times!

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