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An Insane Range of Group Activities for Adults

Here at AdventureClick, we've searched high and low for the best group activities for adults on the market to give you as many choices as possible because we know no two groups are the same.
Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, something slightly more indulgent or even something incredibly unique (plus a little bit crazy), you'll find it.

Fun Activities for Every Occasion

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a random group get-together, uni reunion, an awesome staycation - whatever the occasion - you'll find a brilliantly immersive activity the whole group will love.

AdventureClick Unforgettable Adventures

AdventureClick Make Organising a Breeze

Doing something new and unique with the gang doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. With AdventureClick, you don't have to jump through a thousand hoops to get it booked. In just a few quick clicks, you can arrange that memorable experience you and your friends will talk about for years to come.

AdventureClick Unforgettable Adventures

How to Book Your Experience

  • Choose Your Destination
  • Pick Your Activity
  • Enter Your Group Size
  • Select Your Dates
  • Job Done!
AdventureClick Unforgettable Adventures

Top Tips for Booking Your Group Activity

  • Get Organised - If you want to ensure everyone can attend, be sure you set up a group chat with plenty of time before the proposed date. This means people will be more likely to commit and less likely to have a date clash.
  • Book Early - Don't miss out on your preferred activity/location/date by leaving it until the last second to book. Our group getaways are very popular, so be sure to book early to guarantee your spot.
  • Cover Yourself - By booking through AdventureClick, you know your money will be safe as we're held to the highest industry standards and are both ABTA and ATOL protected - which is not something you'll get if you DIY.
  • Enjoy It - You're booking an awesome group experience for you and your mates, not sitting your driving test. Whilst people often resent organising events, AdventureClick make it an absolute doddle, so you can book it in a flash and look forward to your big weekend activity!
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